Monday, November 23, 2009

How a Single Farm Woman Builds a Barn

There are many things that I tackle as being a single woman hobby farmer. Somethings I am good at; something things not so good at. Building barns and putting up fences are the not so good things and I refuse to frustrate myself with trying as I am sure it would end up costing me more money in the long run.
My barn space as gotten a tad crowd this past year with all the lambs and adding a few more LaManchas. So panic set in last month as I knew I should add more shelter for the winter.
Off I went to one of my favorite places, Amish Country and to see my favorite Amish man who built my chicken coop and 8x10 lean-to.
Mr. Troyer, owner of KT Barn Structures in Millersburg, has the most perfect animal shelters and is just a wonderful person to work with, especially because he puts up with someone like me who is always changing my mind on what I want:)
Once I got my gate up and the weather cooperated my (well the animals) new shelter was ready for delivery.

All loaded up on a trailer it was backed in through the gate.
Positioned in the right place, it was loaded off the trailer (those are chicken screens in front that were inside the barn but are going to another farm but not before I scoped them out for my coop....more ideas:).

New shelter in position and ready for the animals inspection.

Checking out all the corners. That is Sassy the bossy Nigerian who is trying to lay claim to the barn over Ira who is like twice her size.......she is such a total "B".

See, how easy that was?
No fuss. No hurting myself with tools. No swearing involved because I can't figure out how to build something. No prolonged delays in production due to a thousand excuses on my behalf.
Done deal.
Now which one of those animals is going to pay the bill?
Oh, I forgot it was my Christmas gift to them.
I wonder what they will be getting me this year?


Kara said...

I need another one of those too! :) Very nice.

Deb said...

What a nice building. Lucky critters :)
You sure know how to do things the right way. No fuss, no mess, no stress! Good for you :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Christine said...

I'll take two of those, please. What a great little barn! I'm sure they appreciate their gift and are planning something special for you.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great plan - yours AND his ;-).

Sharrie said...

I have a shed much like yours, built by an Amish man on our flat rack and towed home. Jake then set it in place, and we had a new shed for less than he would have spent to do it himself. It was a fine way to get a new sheep shed.

ae1501 said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving treat for the animals.

Gail V said...

How beautiful! I want those builders near me in MN!

Gail at Littleredoak

Susan said...

So that's the surprise. Great one for sure. Love the all the pix of the gang checking it out.

Mim said...

You live in such a wonderful part of the country!! Happy Thanksgiving

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