Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goat Wreathes 101

First observe the new Christmas wreath on the shelter.
Create an audience so they they may take notes on how to correctly sample the new wreath. Sheep are not audience worthy as they can not stretch and stand as we do.
Note: using an upside down bucket left by the wreath hanger may assist in this process.
Nigerians may be at a disadvantage as they are one of those "dwarf" breeders and therefore do not have the stretching compacity as real milk breeding goats like us LaManchas have. Nigerians would best be advised to use the bucket assistance as mentioned above.
LaManchas under the age of one year may also need the bucket assistance program.

Younger LaManchas may also want to consider the "jump at the object" method also.

If you have any questions about "Goat Wreathes 101" please drop me, "Mooshie" an email.
Please don't ask about the ear thing..........its getting to be an old question:)
Happy Holiday to Everyone!!!!!


~Tonia said...

Lol The will conspire and the Yummy Christmas wreath Will disappear!! They may live the pretty bow... Maybe!

Michelle said...

LOVE your new header! Perfect winter photo, and those perfect, perky ears....

Christine said...

LOL too funny. I too love your new header. What a great photo.

ae1501 said...

What a laugh! You definitely have quite a cast of characters over there. I wonder what they did in honor of your birthday? (a little birdie mentioned that it was your special day today. Happy Birthday and many more!)

kristi said...

So far so good on the wreath though its only been up for 2 days!

thats Abigail, my very favorite ewe. She was the first ewe lamb born on the homestead and I so love her....her sister is a total flake however:)

thanks for stopping by! I am pleased that everyone likes the photo:)

it is "24" not "42".....always had a hard time with math.....good thing your so good at it! The kids just drove me nuts....I dread these weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas:( Thanks for the B-Day wishes!

Claire said...

Dear Mooshie,
I have seven goats, 2 Nigerian dwarves, 2 angoras, 2 pygmies and one mini-Nubian. How many wreaths should I provide? Does it matter what kind of evergreens they are made from? Will my goats give more milk if they get wreaths? I shall look forward to your earless advice, I mean earliest advice.
Thank you!

kristi said...

Dearest Claire,
Thank you for your inquiry. You appear to be top heavy on the miniature breeds and I first and foremost suggest looking into getting a "real" milking goat like myself. However, those "dwarf" breeds seem to be popular lately:) Now it is in my opinion, one that should not be held up in a court of law (someone told me you are studying to be a lawyer) that a large, real evergreen wreath might just suit your goats just fine and if you use real evergreen, than this might up your chances on some milk production. But if times are lean, a small artifical wreath will do. They may find it insulting (such is the case over my way)at first but they will get over it. I do appreciate your interest in the blog and it is about time that the owner of the blog posted some goat pictures over those wool snobs. I hope this helps your goats. I will overlook the "earless" remark as it was quite quick witted like myself:) Give my best regards to your goats.......sincerely, Mooshie.

Claire said...

Dear Mooshie,

Thank you for your excellent advice. I find the mini breeds are less likely to try to escape their enclosures, or at least less likely to be successful. This is an important feature. I shall be on the lookout for a large evergreen wreath. I had thought I could buy a small one for each goat and put it around their necks, so they could all nibble on one another. Maybe not a good idea. I will let you know how it works out. I thought that they might also like some discarded Christmas trees when the holidays are over.

Anonymous said...