Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are U Lost Little Lamb?

So I admit I have been babying some of the lambs........partial preference on a rotational basis as not to offend any one lamb........I must be politically correct in my babying as not to discriminate against the parents, fleece type and/or ewe vs. wether, color etc.
Today in my babying routine today, I lost a fawn kat wether (he was spotlighted in the previous post). Of course, calling him was pointless. I looked everywhere thinking I missed seeing him. I was trying to avoid panic mode but I was getting close.
Then inside the garden picket area I saw this.................
..............an inquiring "weight challenaged" beagle at the chicken coop door. So I ventured over to see what he was inquiring about.

And there was my little lost lamb...............freeloading with the chickens.
Good grief. He is like a food magnet. I had left the gate partially open into the garden area not even thinking twice that one of the lambs would find their way in, let alone into the chicken coop.

I know he is a little wether, but that is a little chicken coop door too.
Now I know that he knows that there is food in there........I am one up on him now:)


~Tonia said...

Oh No!! The littles get into the craziest stuff. I almost lost a goat to chicken feed.. For some reason it made her very sick. It wasnt a whole lot she got either.. I would have never known except I caught her licking it thru the cage!!! Then I was able to prevent her from reaching the feed and she got better.... Cute Lamb!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yeesh. Sheep. This is why I have so much gray hair. Good to catch up on your blog. Been way too busy lately. Loved the picnic shots :=)

Juliann said...

Such a cute photo of the little fellow looking through the coop door.
If those are chicken crumbles that he got into, keep an eye on him for a while. Crumbles are very high in copper. I've heard of sheep dying from copper toxicity from grazing the same area where chickens are kept.

kristi said...

Thank you for stopping by! Oh,,yes those goats are way too nosy for their own good....my LaManchas just drive me crazy!

Crazy Sheep Lady,
I am so glad you stopped by! Its good to be busy....I always wonder what the word "bored" means???:)

Oh yes I had a freak fit about the chicken crumbles. I am pretty sure he did not get much as the feeder was basically empty as it was evening time. Thank you for stoping in to see us!

Deb W said...

I hope he doesn't get sick....but is that not the cutest thing? So tiny he can pop out of the chicken's pop-hole! It that your 10 pounder? (or was it 12?)

I hope he's friendly, because he sure would get a lot of cuddles from me!

Oh for some land!!!

ae1501 said...

Thanks for my laugh of the day!