Saturday, October 3, 2009

What a Really Long Week......

It was a really long week.......a really long week. Between all the rain, my sump pump burning out (during a downpour of course), major drama & issues w/my students (how is it possible that a pregnancy issue, house arrest, child abuse, a threat to be shot at take place all in one week and all in 8th grade?......opps I forgot I was called an f-ing b#@*! by a student, probably because I was one last week. Though I appreciated being called an f-ing "B" as that carries status and power, I would hate to be an a*#hole "B" as that sounds so deeming and powerless, and just being called a "B" is just so boring......yes being an f-ing "B" is much better.......though I did correct the student to make sure she knew it was Miss. F-ing "B". I so hate being a Mrs.) ........... anyways, where was I before I got sidetracked by drama?
Oh yes, what a really long week it was. Did I mention that when I opened the barn door on Tuesday morning at 5:45 am that a LARGE RAT walked out the door and across my feet??!!! Yes, I am on a mission to destroy that unwanted guest. Let's see, oh and then those pushy sheep and goats this week at feeding time in the morning!!! I have a new motto.....I push back now. I refuse to be pushed around, clipped from behind, smashed into the wall......afterall, I OWN THEM>>>>THEY DO NOT OWN ME.........right???
Yep, what a week. Trying to keep up with chores and house stuff this week was not productive as the rain & early coldness just dampened any get up and go attitude.

Today was much better.......even a little sun this afternoon. I let the chickens out to "play" in the garden. My cat "Moo" was very interested in the inside of the chicken coop and just watched the chickens hang out.

Dixie, however, was on a mission to get the chickens back in the coop and followed them everywhere.

A little Autumn cheer at home this weekend is much needed.......... is some food. Tomorrow is making pumpkin bread and peaunt butter cookies day.
Maybe I will get to getting some fleece samples too:)


Deb said...

What is it with today's kids?! I applaud your stamina - I simply could not deal with in on a daily basis. I swear I'd knock heads together and end up in Jail. These kids have no respect!! Sorry - rant over :)
Hope your sunday is peaceful and filling - I can just smell those yummy odors coming from your kitchen. Hope next week is so much better!

Kara said...

I am sorry you had a crummy week. Baking sounds like a great way to brighten up your weekend. I think I might do a little too, now that you mention it, it is a great idea! I will give your babies a scratch for you, they are going great! Champ has almost caught Ripe Tide in size! I don't know what is in my pastures but my horses are all looking a little fat, maybe a little too much pasture rotation if that is possible. Grazing muzzle for Pudge today. Now I know where that nickname came from. Have a great day, you deserve one! :)

Nancy K. said...

I spent one year working as a paraprofessional in our local high school, special ed room, and you couldn't pay me enough money to ever get me to go back to working in a school ~ with "those creatures" EVER AGAIN! I don't know how anybody does it without killing someone...

I do so love your little frame-thingy in the last picture! What do you call it again? You fixed it up so perfectly!

I had HOPED to bake Oatmeal/Raisin cookies this weekend but never got the time. My oldest daughter and 3 grandsons are coming over to make Orange/clove pomanders today. THAT will be fun (and smell wonderful!)!

Gail V said...

Oh, bless you for undertaking to educate those children. I am so appreciative of teachers.
I think trapping a rat will be very satisfying after the week you've had. Good luck with that.
Your dog herding chickens cracked me up, too.

kristi said...

this is my 16th yr of teaching 8th grade and just when I thought I had seen it all, something new comes up. Lets just say that sometimes the apple does not even fall from the tree. But I do have and have had some wonderful students and some of them will be going to D.C. this year:) And yes this week has to be better!

Wow! Champ is really growing! I wish you lived closer as I would send some "goodies" your way;) Thanks for stopping by!

Paras do not get paid enough for what they do! The paras at my school work nonstop and they are a blessing to have! I love the smell of the orange/clove! Btw, Alice looks beautiful on your blog:)

Thanks for stopping by! When people say "oh those teachers have the summers off".....yep, and I earned that time cuz they can come in at any time and do my job:) I love my job but there are those days!

Anonymous said...

wow that is are growing up faster now a days.....I realy hope that this week is better! You are such a great decorater! I might need you to come to my house and fix up the outside : )