Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its Just that Time of the Year

The weather this week in Northeast Ohio has totally been a downer. My mood has been not in the mood to do anything. Today was the first day the sun shined in like a whole week. The rain, the grey skies.....just depressing. On Thursday I took 3 of the ram lambs to the vet to be wethered. I am not into the banding thing so I have it done surgically. More money but at this point, whats the point but its gotta get done.
The ram lamb pictured below is Fletcher. Fletcher was my hope for my Shetland line: spotted, a nice soft fleece, small scurs as a half poll.......everything I want BUT tail is not so good and depending on how he stands, a definite cow hock in those back legs. I am really bummed out about it esp. because he has a great personality unlike his PITA brother who, besides the stand-offish personality, if very nicely put together esp. having a great tail and nice straight legs. I have always wanted a spotted ram out of Sheltering Pines Spirit so the choice had to be made because I can't have both boys as rams. So PITA got to stay a ram and Fletcher............ now a wether. I think Thursday's overcast weather matched mine and Fletcher's mood.
But I love him either way:)

This past Saturday I finally had the opportunity to see my nephew play football! Yep, he is only in second grade and I don't want him tackling me.....he is a pretty tough kid in all that equipment! His team won 24-0 too!

On Sunday the sun finally made an appearance and all the animals were hanging out to catch some rays. Liberty was soaking up the rays on the backside of the barn.

This was like the LaMancha line-up on the back of the barn today: Liberty, Daisy, & Patty.
Hopefully, Liberty will be bred this year:) This weekend I picked up 100 bales of hay to replinish what I have already used. I need to keep my barn stocked esp. come Nov. and Dec. when the weather gets a mind of its own. This winter I refuse to have an empty barn come Feb.

The other day I purchased this wonderful picture to hang in my living room. A simple thought that I often overlook as I rush around trying to get everything done. Autumn is a wonderful time of year to appreciate the wonders of nature, watch the animals grow their winter coats, and reflect on one's personal goals. I need to do that but I need to get rid of the anxiety issues I get when trying to get everything done that I want to get done before the first snowflakes arrive.
There is always tomorrow I guess.......


Michelle said...

Really Kristi, it sounds like PITA has the better personality for a ram; too often the friendly ones end up losing respect for humans when they mature. The stand-offish ones are more likely to keep their respect. And I respect YOU for making a wise decision based on good conformation and tail!

Melodie said...

I know what you mean about the anxiety of trying to get it all done,sigh.Country life is a blessing but so busy,busy,busy!

Heather said...

I agree with Michelle - I think you made a wise decision. We've had bleary weather here, too, and the moods have been bleary too.
I saw your post about all your wool! Wow! Have you tried making saddle pads or rugs out of roving? I'm making one now - it's on my blog. I also make woolly soles out of my roving - same method, I just trace my foot on burlap or rug fabric and then cut it out and loop it with roving. Nothing warmer or softer to put in your boots for winter!!

kristi said...

Oh, you really need to come and visit Jed and Jasper, the 2 smooth polls. They are the 2 best reasons for never, ever going back to full horned rams. Its been a tough go for me with all the ram lambs this year but decisions have to be made if I want to continue in a positive direction....your support means alot!

I am the only one in my extended and immediate family and its just so to explain to those city and suburban dwellers:) And yes, for all its anxiety, I would never change what I have!

thank you for stopping by! mood and weather have been hand in hand lately:( I actually am going to make a rug out of some of that wool...actually in self defense because my cats are driving me nuts as they love to play in the wool so a rug they are going to get! I love the wooly soles idea!! I am off to check out your rug!

Michelle said...

Kristi, I would LOVE to come kidnap - I mean VISIT! - your smooth-polled rams, and see your beautiful place, and drool over all your wonderful decorative touches, and roll in your roving! I'd eat all your chocolate chip cookies, too, but I wouldn't touch your Pepsi or whatever it is, so no worries there. :-)

I feel very isolated in my quest for polled Shetlands out here in Oregon, so we will support each other, okay?