Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Gardening

Well, the month of October is not the Autumn weather I was hoping for. Its been a tad cold, grey, rainy, & basically depressing. I can deal with the cooler temps but at least give me some sun in October. The trees have pretty much been holding on to the green leaves too.

This maple tree in my front yard is the first of the maples to change colors. I have planted a lot of maples as I love their color in the Fall. Even the pin oaks and willow trees are still holding on to their green leaves.

During the week I had this brain fart to start planning for next spring so I started tilling up this area on the outside of my garden area. Sometimes I question my work ethic, "Why do I continually make more work for myself?" Must be those Hobby Farm and gardening magazines I subscribe too. Regardless of my personal issues, I am thinking of planting the corn and some pumpkins in this area as those two took up way too much area inside the picket fence. The chickens were quite content to do their part in Fall gardening also.

My parents came over on Saturday to help pull out all the dead plants. Now I've got to get the compost area started.

Things were looking pretty dead in the garden so my nephew and I decided to bring some life into the bare, raised beds.

My niece Gracie planted these sunflowers in August and they are doing quite well. I love the little sunflowers. They only grow about 2 feet high.......I am going to have to plant more of those next year. Does anyone have suggestions on what variety of garlic is good to plant now? Never planted garlic so I thought maybe I would give it a try.

And while I was busy fussing in the yard, the sheep and goats are content to hang out in the sun and catch a few rays of warmth. Harvest Thyme Rutland being one of them. He is really just a handsome boy! If I had to have a pick ram lamb this year, he would be the one in my opinion.
He greets in every morning with his baaing.......the best way to start of morning chores:)


Anonymous said...

It has been raining alot here 2. Which just makes me sad and lazy. I love what you did with the garden area very cute : )

ae1501 said...

Love the new pictures. I know whose bones you used in that garden bed! ;)

Richard C. Lambert said...

Tricyrtis 'Blue Wonder.' Not sure what happened. One day it was wilted, then totally collapsed into a rotten mess the next day. (Tricyrtis hirta was growing next too it, same soil mix, same watering, same few hours of evening sun. So I may get another and try it again, keep it slightly drier this time?)

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