Monday, October 5, 2009

A "BOO" Kind of Morning

So at 4:45 am I awoke to this gosh-for-saking noise......kinda like a motor attempting to start but the belt was stuck so it kept cranking. It was really LOUD and being so coherent at 4:45 am I stumbled out of bed thinking my house was going to blow up. Down to the basement I went and yes, that noise was coming from the furnace. After muttering a few choice words, I turnd the furance off and stumbled back up the steps saying in some colorful language what a wonderful week it was going to be AGAIN. I double checked the furnance before I left for work to reaffirm that yes I was not imaging the noise and it did exist. So on the way to work I was thinking about how I was going to rob a bank to pay for a new furnace. I called my Dad to complain and then I called FWB who wanted to know why I always call in the morning when there is a problem? Why don't I call, he wondered, to profess my love for him? REALLY? I told him this was not a laughing matter and when would he be over?
So yes, this evening FWB fixed the furnance for me. The problem one might ask? Well on the side of the fan motor drum that is located on the inside of the furnace, is this sticker that says "Apply 20 drops of oil annually". Now who the hell reads that label???? Seriously. The furnace is 18 yrs old, why the heck would it need oil now? Even FWB admitted he would have never noticed it. Well, it got oiled and its working now so I will keep my fingers crossed. Good thing I didn't have to rob a bank tonight:)

Now back to more serious "BOO" matter. Front porch Halloween decorations. I got my orange lights up around the porch tonight and finished up with some other things. Now of course, its just me and the "kids" who enjoy the lights & decorations as I have never had a trick-or-treater come to my house.......must be that 800 ft driveway.
I did promise Dixie I would dress her up and take her out trick-or-treating this year..........
........what do you think of her costume??? LOL


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you got that fixed.I love dixies costume lol.

corinne said...

Hmmm, a FFWB....(furnace fixer with benefits) sweet!

ae1501 said...

Why do things like the furnace "act up" in the wee hours of the day/night? Thank goodness this was a relatively cheap fix. Dixie's costume is great!