Thursday, October 22, 2009

And so on Thursday.......

Autumn is moving in quickly here in Northeast Ohio. The maples have started to turn into wonderful hues of gold and red. This maple tree is in my front yard. My cat Casper enjoys staking out the bird feeders here.
The garden is pretty much cleaned up. I've started to put down some manure and today I got some sections tilled up. I want to get the manure in, tilled, and then put a nice layer of mulched leaves down. Tomorrow its suppose to rain (again) so hopefully I will get it all down by the end of the month.

I have been rotating the lambs out on the green grass the past few weeks. These are twins out of Jed and Polly. The black one is a ram lamb with very small scurs and gullie is an ewe. She doesn' have perfect tail but she is overall nice little lamb with A+ personality:)

So in my previous post I indicated I was taking today off for me and so I did. So this morning I was off to Amish Country for some feed, bakery, and some baking goods. Beautiful day as the temps were in the high sixties! Of course, I had to stop at my favorite store, Primitive Gatherings, to see their cute decorating ideas.

I know this is a big NO NO to even think about BUT I am thinking this guy might have to find his way onto my front porch come December! Well, there is a 90% chance of rain tomorrow but it is Friday and my sister is having a clambake on Saturday (clams are gross but I love the chicken and sweet potatoes:) so hopefully the rain will move out by then!!!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!!

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Deb W said...

I can't believe I was just there last Friday! It was sooooo crowded! And the weather we had was considerably different (cold)! I liked the 'garden' part in front of Country Primitives best. They had a fire going in a fire ring the day we were there. Did you see the 'fairy gardens?' I was inspired to try to make my own next spring. So many cute things to look at - and we also went to Walnut Creek Foods! Thanks for the tips!