Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trying to Give Everyone Equal Blog Time

As a blogger I sometimes get zoned into certain subject matter. For example, Autumn is my favorite time of year so I tend to post lots of pics about my Fall decorations, the garden, the scarecrows etc..........

........and of course there are the sheep. I have been zoning in on the abundance of ram lambs that were born this year because everywhere I look I see little boys with growing....well, you know what I mean. BUT there were 6 ewe lambs born this year so I thought I would post one of the prettiest girls born.

This ewe lamb is out of Windswept Savannah Grace, an exquiste honey mioget ewe. Miss Ewe Lamb is working on her pesonality qualities.......I tell her she is a tad "uppity" as she always turns her cheek to me when I want a picture. She inherited her mom's beautiful facial features. Her sire is Harvest Thyme Jammer. She was much darker when she was born and her color is lightening up. Would one call her a moorit or a mioget?

She is twin to the mioget ram lamb Kara at Mapleton Farm bought. She is more double-coated with a softer, wavier fleece, but there is nice crimp to it. This pic was taken about mid-side. She really hit a growth spurt this past month and is filling out nicely:)

I so neglect the miniature horses in posts and since Miss Speedy is Queen B in the barn she felt the need to be recognized. She needs a bath before the cooler weather really sets.
When I first got the mini's I was not sure if they would work out with the sheep and goats but it all has worked out well; of course there is the occassional push and shoving at feed time but other than that, everyone gets along.
Now I need to get a much neglected goat post going because there are breeding plans in the air for them coming up!


Garrett808 said...

i would say she is still moorit, with sun bleaching on the outer part of the fleece. MAYBE fawn, but she'd be a dark fawn. I'll have to take photos of my miogets so you have something to compare them too.

I have several moorits who LOOK mioget but when you part the fleece they are darker...they are just more prone to sunbleaching. I'll be putting coats on them this winter so next year I'll see if they bleach at all! :)

Michelle said...

Are you sending a fleece sample in on Miss Ewe Lamb, too! You're so funny; naming things is one of my passions, so nothing around here goes unnamed.