Monday, September 21, 2009

A "Smooth" Autumn Start

This is not the view from my kitchen window, but from the chicken coop!
Yes, I thought the girls needed a little Halloween spirit amongst their silly cackling selves.

Its okay, I know I need help, but Autumn is my favorite season and everyone should join in the fun, even if its a bunch of is a nice view the big barn, don't you agree?

As you know I have an abundance of ram lambs and since I am a wimp about sending them off to market (I do not eat lamb, only fish & pork, no red meat unless its a pot roast....ground meat is disgusting btw:) so I am having some issues with deciding what "to do" with the boys. Pictured above is the only smooth polled boy born this year.

This is his fleece about midside..............

........and this is at the back of the neck area. He is single coated and is just a really loveable boy. His tail, in all honesty, is not perfect. A tad wool but I think I will take a tad wooly too get the fleece and smooth polled features.

Here he is with his sire, Jammer. He is not a huge ram lamb, probably about 25-30 lbs. He was born the first of May but he really is starting to put on some weight and is filling out nicely. I guess I would say he is more "refined". Though, the polled boys just don't have that massive head like the horned guys do (right?). I am going to micron his fleece ( I will be fleece collecting this weekend).
Here is my offer:
If his fleece comes back with good results and someone is interested in him as a ram lamb, he is yours for the cost of your transportation and health papers. I would rather have him go to someone who would appeciate him for his polled genetics than have him wethered. Otherwise I am going to wether him and he will stay here as a fiber pet or maybe someone will be interested in him as a wether.
So as Autumn rolls in officially this week, I will enjoy the season and what it has to offer and of course, make sure all the ram lambs are not with the ewes:)


Tyler said...

Your ram lamb is a stunning fellow. I often wish we didn't live so far away from each other!

I love your halloween decorations - lucky chickens :)

I haven't had a chance to even think about autumn.....when the fair is over this weekend, I'll be able to enjoy the season. Like you, it's one of my favorite times of the year.

Deb said...

Tyler, my teenager was using my computer and didn't sign out of blogger. I didn't realize it...that's why my first post came through as "Tyler".

Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

I love the girls view from their window! I hope you find your ram lamb a good home.

Tammy said...

Hi Kristi,
Just some ideas if you want to find pet/fiber homes for your rams/wethers just to get the flock numbers reasonable. Join Yahoo groups, and look for local and/or regional fiber or livestock groups. This is where I make most of my sales through. You can find the groups by searching yahoo groups for things like (your state) wool, fiber, sheep, or livestock. Set 'pet/fiber' prices for your boys and be willing to make package deals. I never sell a single sheep to a non-sheep home, so there must be two at least and three is better. ;-) Make it clear you want good homes and that you will ask questions to that effect. Offer follow up advice/avialability to questions etc. There is a huge number of people that are becoming interested in the fiber arts and want a small wether flock--it's just tapping into that resource. If you sell your wethers at $50-75 each (unregistered of course), you are still beating market prices for them. If you have any specific questions email me, I'd be happy to help. I sell all my wethers into pet/fiber homes and know where most of them are to this day. It really is a good market and if the boys are extra friendly that only helps. Also you could try Craigslist, just be very careful.

Deb W said...

Oh the TORTURE!!! What a lovely boy for sale, and I'm stuck in town with no land! It would be a shame to "waste" a fully polled ram, but if it's between ending up a pet/fiber wether and the meat truck..... (beware non-sheepy people who want just one sheep - it may end up the main course at their next ethnic dinner!)

I don't see anything about fleeces for sale on your sites. ??? Besides Tammy's very good advice, don't forget handspinners like me who have no means to grow fleeces for themselves. If you have a field full of sheep, the least they can do is help pay their room and board.

Kara said...

Really try the Shetland Sheep Forum. All you have to do is join and you get a page and you can post pictures and talk with other Shetland breeders. I sold several of my lambs there this year. He is probably bigger than that. I weighed Quechee yesterday, and she is up to 27 pounds...that is 4 pounds in a month...not bad. Champ is probably close to 40 pounds or more. The last Friday of the month the Shetland yahoo group has SSS&T which is Shetland Sheep for Sale or Trade. You can post ads, without prices there. Try spinning guilds and farm stores and post flyers. Did you try the NASSA sales site...they used to give a free trial period. What about your local 4-H group? Don't act hastily and good luck! :)

corinne said...

Nice lambies! The only thing I would add to the advice of the others is to see if you have a spinners and weavers guild in your area and give them your info. I have sold lots and lots of wethers to spinners and as Tammy mentioned, I still know where they all are and get pictures and updates from time to time : ).