Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Attract Females

STEP 1: Begin with a soft, innocent look.

STEP 2: Give the side glance to show a possible interest......its important to still maintain that innocent look.

STEP 3: the whole package so she sees the goods.

STEP 4: Go in for the kill........its all in the lip action.

Brought to you by Flat Rocks 'Lil Texas, Nigerian Dwarf Buck
Cost: $500
Sense of Humor: Priceless


melanie said...

Seems you forgot the step where they pee on themselves...ooooh! Goatie cologne...

Christine said...

LOL, what a lady killer! I desperately want a few of those next spring.

Juliann said...

Oh. That reminds me, I'd better separate my ram lambs this weekend!

kristi said...

that occurred just prior to step 4....yes its such a pretty smell!

so you are thinking of Dwarfs too??:)

I am going to be doing that also as my 2 largest spotted boys are quite "curious" about the opposite sex:)

Texan said...

LOL I have a picture of my male with that lip action going, that is so funny when they do that...

ae1501 said...

Not too unlike the mating rituals we see in the hallway some days!