Friday, August 7, 2009

Suburban Dog Goes Country

My sister Jen stopped over today and brought her youngest 4 legged child along with her.
Leroy, aka "Bad Leroy Brown", is a brown Newfoundland and is just around 13 mos old and is weighing in around 130#. He is a big goof with lots of energy, probably because he ate a battery last month.
Leroy lives in the suburbs and has a little fenced in back yard so this was a lot of space and lots of smells for him to take in........he was very busy.

Of course, he had to meet the sheep first...............

.............then Mooshie, the LaMancha and Speedy, my miniature horse.

Then it was time for a water break. He wasn't quite sure on why the water was in a bucket as it was not like his suburban water bowl but once he realized he could dunk his whole face in the bucket, he was good to go.........typical Newfie humor:)

Next was meeting Johnny, the POA........he realized quickly that this "thing" was a lot larger than him, so interest was cut short but he did try to grab some of those "treats" through the fence. I was encouraging him to kiss his mommy at that point. Jen found little humor in my humor.

So all in all Leroy was a really good boy today. Little different take on the suburban lifestyle and being groomed for the show ring, but I think he could get use to country life.

Yep, a girl and her dog in the country........doesn't get any better than that.


Tammy said...

Good grief....What a big boy! What will be his mature weight? Boone weighs about that, but he is shorter and wider built, I think. He sure is pretty, I love the chocolate color on the Newfies.

Nancy K. said...

Is he EVER beautiful!!! I LOBE big breed dogs but have never seen a chocolate Newfie. Gorgeous!
He looks like a very well behaved boy as well.

kristi said...

I believe my sister said his dad was around 200#, not sure on his mom. He is definitely on his way to being a big boy:)

Many years ago I had a brown Newfie also and now my sister has 2 of them....we just can't decide on who is getting the black female Newfie!! LOL

Tracey said...

Oh my goodness Kristi....he is gorgeous!! I bet he gives some great big old slobbery kisses :)

Bridget said...

Newfies are the best! I love Leroy's adventures!

Donna said...

Raised Newfs in years past....had mostly blacks and Landseers, but we had three different chocolates over the years....Carob, Sweet Cider, and Sweet Georgia Brown....loved every one of them!!!