Friday, July 17, 2009

Psst......check out these 2009 lambs!

This is Windswept Savannah Grace, a mioget ewe. She was bred by Harvest Thyme Jammer Thyme, a moorit, yuglet, flecket ram. Savannah is flanked by her ewe and ram lamb (ram lamb in front).

I think this is a wonderful breeding (though not planned, thank you Jammer). Jammer's sire is Lil'Country Acres Jedidiah, a polled black gullie ram who has a wonderful crimped fleece. Jammer's dam is Lil'Country Acres Polly, a blk smirslet ewe.

I wish my camera could do the ram lamb's fleece more justice because it has some serious crimp to it! It is so beautiful!

In the sun his fleece is truly golden in color! He was born on 4/19/09 and as of today he has less than a half inch scur. Today he and I were not on good speaking terms as he escaped out with the PITA (see previous post) so he kept giving me the cold shoulder when I was trying to get a picture:)

These are 2 snapshots of the black gullie ewe lambs. The twins dam is a black smirslet ewe and their sire is Jedidiah, my polled blk. gullie. Harriet, the twins dam, was sired by a mioget yuglet ram and the dam was also a blk smirslet so there is some spotting & modifying in the twins genes. Both are just awesome!!!

As I mentioned in the previous post, the spotted blk. gullie girls are for sale @ $125. Savannah's moorit ewe lamb is also for sale @ $125 also. Hint, hint Rayna & Kara :)
Thank you Kara for buying Savannah's beautiful ram lamb!!!


Deb said...

I sure wish I lived closer to you. I would own one of those gullie girls in a heartbeat!! I've always wanted one :) They are beautiful as are all your lambs/sheep.

Have a great saturday!

Kara said...

Thanks for posting those pictures, He is beautiful! Escape artist hun? Electro-net for him and I better make sure it stays hot.

I really like the ewe facing the camera in the first picture. What is her personality? My DH said I could only get her if I put another one of ours on the sales list. Let me go out and take a look at my flock and see if there is anyone else I could part with (I get so attached!). Honestly, he probably wouldn't notice, he doesn't even know who is out there, lol. Twenty was my magic number, I think I am still a few over. However, I then would then officially close my flock for a while. I will mull it over and email you later today.

Rayna said...

You are an evil sure there isn't anything of mine you need? :D I think you should post some photos of the gullie girl fleeces ;-)

kristi said...

Perhaps next year as I am planning a vacation up to that area in the summer:) They are so pretty!

I told him he is lucky he is cute and has great fleece! I am looking forward to my trip to NY!

Evil woman? LOL....gee even my students have called me that! I am working on a sales page for the lambs:)

Ann said...

Your lambs are so cute... love their ears especially.

Mountain Woman said...

I loved your pictures. If I weren't so far away, I'd purchase one of your babies in a second.

kristi said...

thank you for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the cutie pies:)

Mountain Woman,
PITA would love to live in VT....I would love to live in VT:) Thank you for the compliment on the garden...its getting there:)