Saturday, July 11, 2009

My 3 Day Adventure Spree!!

So, the last 3 days I have been on an adventure of new things.....gotta keep myself busy on summer break. No down time.....okay maybe a few naps, watching my soap.....maybe a few Martha Stewart shows......oh yeah and a few bowls of ice cream:)
So on Thursday, my brother-n-law let me use his pick-up for the day. Its kinda like the "family's truck" and he lets us use it for those "really need a pick-up truck" items.
So, since my new hay man has been busy I thought I would go get hay from him on Thursday. Now this was a totally new venture on my behalf but I successfully drove the truck home that was loaded with 45 bales of hay and I successfully unloaded 40 of the 45 bales into the loft!!! I left the 5 down for feedings (well actually there was no way I could get those last 5 bales up in the loft from the bottom of the truck bed LOL). I am so excited about the hay!! $3.00 a bale is totally awesome!!

Okay, so after I got the hay unload, watched my soap & had ice cream, I ventured out again to get one yard of blended topsoil. My goal was to make a flower bed by the boys barn. Not that they care, but their barn needs a "cute factor". On the gravel bed behind the flowerbed is going to be a small wood shed to hold firewood. That's another project before going back to school.
Okay, so Thursday I was really tired and slept well that night.

Next adventure was on Friday when I watched my niece & nephew for the day while my sister went to work. I decided to take them to see the movie, "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs". Very cute movie btw. We had lunch at the mall & then went back to their house to go swimming. It was a relaxing adventure day:)
So today, Saturday, was another adventure. Off to Amish Country for an Amish school auction. Last year I got my oak milking stand at this same auction so I was hoping to get some "new" stuff today. But this year I took the mini-van for more room. Now of course Dad & Mom were with me and Dad is always watching how much money I spend. So when we got to the auction I scoped everything out and found 2 "must bid on" items. Afterall, I am a teacher and I need to support the school children:) First thing to do is to get out of Dad's sight in the crowd. Once I did that I moved myself up to the front where my "must have items" were being auctioned.

This is the first item I "had" to bid on. Okay, I am loving my new bench for the front porch!!! Price? $30 dollars !!!!!!! Oh yeah, I got a good price on this one!!

Now I am showing this picture because you see that glass atrium? I have been OBSESSED with getting one of those. Its made out of old antique windows. That one there had a price tag of $160...................NOT!!

Oh yeah!!!!!!! This was the other scoped item that I was not going to leave without!! I was one determined single white woman at that auction when I saw it and it was much larger than the one pictured in the previous picture. It was coming home with me.....regardless. End of discussion. Dad was nowhere to be found. So, yep, I bidded back and forth and got this garden greenhouse for $40 dollars!!!!!!!! I am on cloud 9 over this!! My mom is really jealous so I promise not to really rub it in, but I am really happy Mom!!!

Now I hated to just have the greenhouse by itself and the other bench is going on the front porch so I felt the need to buy this white weathered bench. I thought they would "compliment" each other in the garden area....the one with the picket fence. So, I got this bench for $15 dollars!! Now, of course I was not thinking these items might not all fit in the mini-van.......I kinda got caught up "in the moment"of bidding. I will not go into detail on my dad's and mine "discussion" on how we were going to get these items in "my" mini-van but just know that they all arrived safely back at my house, none of the bakery we bought got smashed, and because I am the shortest and smallest, I was smashed somewhere in the back seat and had to crawl out through the front seat to get out. The price I pay for things I am determined to buy.

So, all in all, I was having a lot of fun in the past 3 days:) I was telling these lambs about my adventures this evening and I think they smiled at me.......maybe they were just doing that to shut me up and pacify me because after all they are males and sometimes males just don't understand that female need to have more "stuff".
But I love "stuff". As my Dad says, "just more junk". But its cute junk......I love junk.
Gosh, Fall craft shows are just around the corner..............:)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a nice haul! I am totally jealous of all the cute factor on your homestead. I think it would make a wonderful bed-and-breakfast, and if I was a single white woman, I would be your permanent guest! Only, do you serve anything besides Pepsi and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? I could handle the cookies with milk, and maybe some fruit . . . just letting you know so you can put in provisions . . . .

Penny said...

Your Dad sounds like my Daddy. He may grumble a bit but he is always there to help! =) Another reason I'm getting a bunny hutch! LOL

Love the lil greenhouse! I'm so very jealous.

Nancy K. said...

I SO would have bought the same stuff! GREAT buys!!

Very handsome ram lambs as well.


Susan said...

How bout next year you call me so I can go too. Love the benches big time. I can imagine my boy doggies using the greenhouse as a hydrant though. Wouldn't be purty at all.

Tammy said...

Too funny! I loved your auction story. What a haul you came away with. And the prices were great. Sounds like you have been a busy little gal, and accomplished some really major projects. You deserve double helpings of ice cream and watching soaps! When ever you get time, I would love to see some pictures of how that glass atrium is put together! (The wheels are turning.....I have old windows..... ;-)

Mim said...

Oh, so jealous here! Your place is so cute and the great prices on such darling things, what a great area to live in. I'm packing my stuff~

Tracey said...

CUTE, cute stuff you got!!
I am surprised you could crawl out of the van after unloading all that hay..LOL!!

Tracey said...

CUTE stuff you got! I am surprised you were able to crawl out of the van after unloading all that hay! LOL :)

kristi said...

I so appreciate your wonderful compliment! Now pop & choc. chip cookies would have to be a speciality but I would definitely have to get some of your awesome berries you have been posting for the breakfast menu:)

Dad's complain a lot but deep in their heart that need us to keep them busy when they retire! I hope you post the bunny post when its done!

Great minds think alike:)

You are welcome to come next year! There is another one at the end of July in Danville!

I love hearing from you! Oh, yes, always busy.....too many ideas. The atrium is honestly 4 windows to make the square base(same size) and then 2 the same size for the roof. I promise to get you some pics...and if you already have windows you half way there!!

thank you for your wonderful words! I love this kind of "stuff" just makes me happy to have it in the garden. I have to admit it, there are some fun things to do around here, though if I smell out a good craft place, I am traveling!

LOL, oh yes, there were a few sore areas on the body, but when I have to sacrifice in the name of garden & cute, I am all for it:)

ae1501 said...

Great finds as usual! I must admit, the glass house is my favorite.

Gail V said...

those little greenhouses are so so cute-- as are the benches and your little lambs.
I have some of those old windows, so you've given me an idea--
but what will we DO with the greenhouses? Ok, I already answered my own question.
Great adventures.

Mountain Woman said...

I just discovered your blog while searching for other farm blogs. I live on a farm in Vermont and I'm interested in other people who are in rural areas.
I love your blog and your posts are wonderful.
I sure envy you your finds because they were amazing.
How lucky you are to get hay at 3.00 a bale. It's quite a bit more here.
Anyway, great blog.