Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its a Daisy Kinda Summer!

Daisies are my favorite summer flower.......

........they greet me along the path to my front porch...............

........they smile at me when I go for walks with the dogs in the fields...........

.........and some of the daisies I have are kinda crazy like this variety but there is one Daisy that just drives me crazy on a daily basis............

..........its a four legged kinda daisy!!!!! I have been having a hard time coming up with a name for this almost 5 month old LaMancha doe. She is the bottle baby I got back at the end of March and is EXTREMELY NEEDY!!! I tell her everyday she is crazy especially when she trips me up while I am pouring grain, or chews on the bottom my shorts, or sneaks out when I open the gate and runs to the garden, or chews on my hair when I sit in the evening to chat with the animals. She drives me crazy sometimes!!!!! The other day she got out (again) and was nibbling on some weeds in the field, right next to a patch of daisies. And then her name just popped up in my mind!!!

Her official name will be "Autumn Acres Crazy Daisy".
I think her name suits her just fine. Now of course, as I mentioned before, daisies are my favorite flower..........and this silly LaMancha has been growing on me:)


Kara said...

Great story of her name! I need to get me some more daisies for my perenial gardens. Stamps tomorrow I promise, first thing in the morning. Things have been crazy around here!

Candy Duell said...

I love all your daisies! I like daisies a lot too!

Love the goat, and her new name.

Deb said...

Your daisies are so pretty - and "Daisy" seems to fit your little goatie who is very cute by the way :)

Hope your enjoying your vacation!

Bridget said...

I love daisies, as well as Daisy for a name.

Great pictures!

Christine said...

I love daisies. Seem to have a hard time growing most varieties though. I love her name. Very, very cute.

kristi said...

It must be a teacher thing, but I love a little story every now and then:) I promise to get you updated pics!!

Good to hear from you! Daisies just have to make you smile:)

Daisies are one thing I can actually grow well! Now the corn thing is another issue.....LOL

Its good to know that there are daisy lovers out in the world!! The flower of happiness:)

Thank you for stopping by!! Her name so fits her and her antics! I checked out your blog & I love the barn you are giving new life too!!