Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friendship on the Farm

I love watching the animals hanging out with each other.

Take for example this silly LaMancha buck who is determined to get some leaves off the tree and TJ who is willing to lend him a "back" to get them. Keep in mind that TJ is ram.....a very laid back ram obviously:)

And how much better does it get when you can have lunch with a group of friends, even if it is on the wrong side of the fence. Right after I took this picture I chased their silly selves right back under the fence:)


Christy said...

I like watching our sheep and goats together. The sheep have had to learn to play like a goat in order to have someone to play with. Why couldn't they play with each other? I have no idea.

Tracey said...

Great pictures!

corinne said...

I am not sure why they felt the need to go outside of the doesn't look like any of those lambies are in danger of starving to death LOL!
Cute pics :)