Saturday, July 25, 2009

Change is in the Air

School starts in less than a month.........stress. I have decided to quit my job, sell my house, pack up the animals, move to Vermont, add some miniature Jersey cows to the crew, open up a fiber studio (not that I know everything about fiber but it sounds good), and become totally self-sufficient (except for my Coke).
Well,...................its a thought.
Maybe I'll start with some smaller changes like my new garden flag to transition from summer to August like colors and atmosphere.

Then there are changes in the gardens as the sunflowers are starting to bloom.

The biggest change is I finally gathered the courage to take a fiber class! I took a fiber class today in felting and absolutely loved it!! The class was "Christmas in July" and the class made Christmas stockings. That is my Christmas stocking in the picture!!! Isn't it wonderful? I am so proud of my first attempt at felting. The base of the stocking is an alpaca/merino blend and the roving used was mostly merino. I bought some felting needles and another large piece of felted merino for another project I am thinking of trying.

This is a close-up of the little lamb on the cute!!!

This is the autumn based roving colors I choose for my next project, each is a 1/2 oz. I am going to get started this week on this project.
Of course, after the felting class I headed out to see all my sheep and the changes in their fleece, already thinking ahead. Ethan and Ira are my top producers on wool for my Black Cotswolds ( I entered both of their fleeces in the fair this year:).

This is Ira's fleece as of today..........they were sheared mid-April. Looking pretty beautiful in just 3.5 months!!!!!!!

So, I ran all my change ideas by the "kids" as I sat with them this evening. I was not getting the attention and enthusiasm I was hoping for. Perhaps to them it sounded like, "Blah Blah, Blah Blah." Sometimes I just don't get the respect I want from my kids.

That's okay.......wait 'till I start decorating for Fall with all my new "stuff" I bought.......heck, I haven't even started with Fall Craft shows............CHANGE is definitely coming in August......even if its only right here on my little 4 acres in Ohio:)


Christine said...

The stocking is oh so cute. I was just saying I want to learn felting myself.

So, why Vermont anyway?

kristi said...

Good morning Christine! When graduated from high school a friend and I travelled up through VT & NH and I loved it. Then when I wrote my final paper for my MA in history it was on Ethan & Allen & the Green Mt. Boys and I fell in love w/VT again so I took my parents up there for a mini-vacation 2 yrs ago and I just love everything about the state...except the teacher's pay LOL.

kristi said...
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melanie said...

Oh drat! I thought for a minute there, we were actually gonna be neighbors. I'd like to hear more about the fleece you used for needle felting. My sister is starting, and I would love to prepare some fleece from my Shetlands to send well is it combed? staple length? etc.

Nancy K. said...

Your stocking is AWESOME!!
I've GOT to start doing some felting... OK, maybe when the outside work is done. As in ~ NOVEMBER!


If I wasn't ready for fall before, I sure am now, after reading your blog! Beautiful pictures and I love your new background! Now, to just get through A U G U S T...

Tammy said...

It sounds so easy, doesn't it? :-) Surely there has to be some way to just quit our jobs and enjoy doing the things we love. Great job on the felting. I've dabbled in felting and it really is quite fun.

Christy said...

Nice stocking! Needle felting is fun.

kristi said...

those are very technical questions for a novice like me but it was all roving that we used, pulling out approximates on what was needed depending on the design. The little container I bought was all 1/2 oz per color. It honestly does not take alot. Was I helpful?:)

Thank you for the compliment! I feel I made some strides in the crafty dept! August is a tough month to get through!

Always willing to dream a bit....helps me get along:)I am thinking the lottery would be helpful:)

thanks for stopping.....I really love felting!

Susan said...

Love your stocking, awesome job. Dixie and the beagles look so adorable. Looks like she's been to see Uncle Tim :)

Mountain Woman said...

I can always feel the change in Vermont about now and although I'm not looking forward to the long, bitter winter, I do love fall. I loved your photos and you are so obviously talented.

Inquiring minds want to know why you want to move here. Southern Vermont is milder but here in the Northeast Kingdom, it's almost always winter.