Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spotty Decisions

Last year at this time my lambs were just starting to be born. This year my lambs are reaching the 2 month old status and month & a half status. Decisions need to be made about who should be sold, who is staying, & who might possibly need to be wethered. All of the lambs this year are friendly and are developing such wonderful personalities. Horns are either smooth, button scurred, a few inchers out there, and the longest scurs are on 2 of the spotted boys.

The other day I let the lambs roam around in my neighbor's field. My neighbor planted a hay field and has yet to cut it. So he said he didn't mind if the lambs graze in there. They enjoy it :) They hang close to the fence line and edge of the field and actually don't wander into the field.

This butt and tail shot of the spotted boys gives a nice view of tail development.......any opinions?
Gee, it also shows that these little guys are eating quite well.......oh, the political correct terminology would be to say they are "husky".

This year I got all the spotted kind of rams I would have died to buy, I use to stalk breeders to see spots like this and now I am stalking myself because I can NOT keep all of them and its driving me crazy. But here is my rational. I love this ram lamb pictured above & below. And above all he has little button scurs at 2 months of age..............(doesn't he have the cutest set of lips:)

........he is filling out very nicely also. His markings are awesome, fleece is really turning out nice too. BUT........oh gosh, I hate to say this.........but I am going to sell him. There I said it. Sell him. Sell him. I will sell him. He will be registered. I just sent in Jammer's paper work and as soon as I get it back, I will send his paper work in. His dam Windswept Spirit is already registered.
He is priced at $350. I think that is a very fair price for what he was to offer. I have not really seen smooth or button scurred spotted rams out there so this ram lamb I think could really benefit a person wanting to work with polled, spotted sheep.

Now the reason I am selling him is because I would be a total idiot to sell this guy. I have rationalized this over and over again and talked myself in and out of this BUT I CAN NOT SELL HIM!! There I said it. He is out of my favorite kat ewe Abigail, his sire is Jammer, (who I love to death even though I had to wether him , another reason why I should keep him), and his dam's sire was Yankee, the mioget ram, who I lost this past year. Samuel, my only fully horned Shetland ram, is the only ram Yankee produced and since I am working towards polled line, I feel keeping this ram lamb will keep some of the size I want to work on with the polled Shetlands. I was only able to use Windswept Yankee in one breeding and his lines were very nice. This little guy is the largest ram lamb born this year, he has the most exquisite fleece, the straightest top line, he is just solid all-around, and he has the most unique markings of all my sheep and even though he has long scurs, I think it is worth it to keep him. Okay, that is my rational.......oh, and he told me he loves me:) LOL
This year my theme for lamb names will be following my favorite place to visit.......Vermont.
All the lambs that will be staying at Harvest Thyme will be named after my favorite places to visit in Vermont (or places I would like to visit one day:)
I have a few pending names I am deciding on.............

This is why selling lambs is so hard......when they curl up right by your feet as you are petting and loving on them.......the one on the right is a black gullie girl who is staying bty. The other is a ram lamb......notice those little bity scurs at a month & half.
Gee, since tomorrow is Father's Day, perhaps I should give Jammer & Jed a peppermint treat:)


Pamela said...

Thank goodness I don't have to make decisions like yours. Of course, the down side of having just wethers and ewes is that I don't have any little lambs.

Am hoping against hope that maybe next spring I can find a little Baby Doll lamb to add to my little pet flock. (Although I do love the shetlands...they are so beautiful!)

Kara said...


Beautiful pictures and handsome ram lambs! I think the mioget is still the one that wants to live in NY! We will have to talk some more...
I am in love with the one in MN and had been thinking about one in IN but I think the travel arrangements are just too difficult, as I have heard little back about possible transportation arrangements. I guess us newbies will have to stick together and we do happen to be a reasonable distance from one another. So send me an email and see if we can work something out.

kristi said...

Oh my, it is so good to hear from you!! I hope all is well with you and your "family":) I hate making decisions and with 12 ram lambs it is even harder:(

I think we have a plan....:)

Caroline said...

I'd want to keep every one of them. They're just beautiful.

(LOL) I'm worse than you ar about my parents' anniversary. I only remember my it when mine arrives five days after theirs!

Juliann said...

Kara, if you want something from MN, I can pick up and bring to my place if the person is coming to Jefferson.
I don't mind moving sheep to help out other breeders, if the seller is attending MFF or Jefferson...

Hey Kristi, can I have your e-mail addy again? I've got a few questions about your sale lambs.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Kristi, could you email me photos of any smooth-polled boys you have available for sale? Have you done micron testing on any of the parents?

Kara said...

Thanks Juliann,

I might just take you up on that another year. For now I think I have decided on Kristi's mioget. It gives me a chance to breed him to a few ewes to tinker with the polled thing and to try add some modified to my flock at the same time. As well as to support Kristi.


Send me your mailing address via email and I can send you a deposit if you would like one. Now I have to break the news to my hubby. I might just slip him in with the others, I be he wouldn't even notice :) Wait I just got back in from feeding his 50 meat birds (chickens and turkeys) and the 21 layers...

kristi said...

thank you stopping by! Its always good to know that there is someone else out that is forgetful too:)

I dropped you an email:)

I have not done any micron testing on them:( This is something I really need to do now that I am seeing potential & good results in my flock. I can tell you that my stock is basically bred on Juliann and Heather at Windswept Farms. I would be very pleased to send you pics of lambs & parents and fleece shots if I can get the little ones to work with me.

I am so HAPPY one of my boys is going to you!! His color is so awesome!! He had his BOSE shot at birth & already had his first CD&T shot. I will send you over an email:) My dad has already mapped out our trip to the Finger Lake area:)