Saturday, June 13, 2009

So Many Things Going on.........

School officially ended on June 11th and summer vacation officially started on June 12th.
I am attempting to not drive myself crazy with everything I want to do. So I thought today I would take it easy and head into town to do some shopping early this morning. Let's see I went to the feed store, then Tractor Supply, then Walmart (got good deals there:), then to Sears, Petsmart for the cats, and last but not, Bath-n-Body for their semi-annual sale. Okay this is my second trip there but they finally got in the Lemongrass Sage shower gel and I really, really love that classic fragrance. I did a lot of damage there but got really good savings & my sisters b-day is next month so I bought her some stuff too.
Sunday is Flag Day so my flag will hang in honor of that on my big barn. It is so disappointing to know that more people do not honor our flag and show more patriotism on special days like this.

I snapped this picture of Dixie a last week when she was attempting to bury her nasty bone in the garden.......I am thinking no one but her really would want that caked in mud bone.

TJ, my Black Cotswold ram, escaped out behind my back the other day so I let him hang out in the yard to graze on the grass. He is so laid back and really bothers no one including ReRun who could care less either.

When I went into TSC today, I checked out the price on some electric tape & posts. I want to enclose this area for the horses to get out and graze. Of course they were out of tape so I will headed in next week to gather the supplies. I already have a 5 mile charger. I was only going to run one line as it is for my 2 miniature horses and my POA. Everyone I have spoken to has said that will be plenty for them. I only used electric briefly when I had 2 horned rams so this is totally new for me and the horses.

Tree trimming around the house calls for the clean-up crew. Sheep and goats love those maple leaves. This is Windswept Savannah, my mioget ewe, and her lambs. Actually, the third ewe at the back of the pic is her lamb from last year. Ethan and Bennington are the Cotswold wethers also assisting in the clean-up:)

And last but not least are the spotted twin gullie girls! They have gotten so big already! The ewe lamb to the left has a more hair textured fleece while the ewe lamb on the right has a very soft, wavier fleece. I will be retaining one of the girls and am offering one of the ewes for sale. The choice will be the buyer's as to which one to take.
73 days 'till school starts again.................


Rayna said...

I like the crimpiness of the left girl, but the markings and no side-dusting of the girl on the right! :)

Kara said...

Hi Kristi,

I really like the mioget ram lamb. Get a picture of his face for me. I would love to get a few more modifed colors in here. Maybe if Melanie can be talked in to the black ram lamb, it would be worth the trip.:) The gully girls are outstanding. But I really don't think I can slip two in here past DH. What I REALLY want is gully ram lamb from you that is smoothed or button scurred. If it doesn't work out this year, put me on the list for Savanna's and Jed's next gully ram lamb. You would have to make sure the lambs can be registered...keep me posted.

Nancy K. said...

Look at all your beautiful, golden sheep! I do so love the mioget color.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm seriously considering breeding Alice to a black, cotswold ram this fall...

kristi said...

See that is my whole problem...I like this on that one and this on another so then I can't decide and I want them all:)

Savannah is already registered, I just have to register myself and everyone else...I should have all this paper work in working order this week. I think I should just bring the one of the gullie girls along, tell your DH I had a buyer who backed out when I got to their house in NY and I can't take her the rest of the way so she just is going to stay with you for a bit and by the following month DH will have forgotten she is even there. What do you think? Better pictures this week...his fleece is so pretty in the sun:)

okay, I have a Shetland/Cotswold wether and his fleece is awesome, just like a Cotswold. I would gladly send you a sample if you would like to see what you might get with a cross. Martha's ewe lamb who is also a shetland/cotswold cross is going to have a nice opinion is go for it!! Cotswold personalities are so loving!

Tracey said...

Happy Summer Kristi!