Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Polling the Ram Lambs 2009

Lambing 2009 produced A LOT of ram lambs........thank you Jammer!
However, Jammer & Jedidiah did provide a nice selection of smooth and button scurred rams, a couple have long scurs too but I am working on a month and 2 month evalutions. This is what I have thus far:

This handsome little black guy was born on May 15th and was sired by Jed. His twin sister is a black gullie girl. The twins are the friendliest lambs!! He, at one month, has small button sized scurs and very soft, wavy fleece. What a face!!

And this moorit smirslet ram lamb, also a twin, has extremely small crumble like scurs. Nice confirmation at just about 2 months of age. His dam is a fawn kat ewe and his sire is Jammer. He is heavily bred on Lil'Country Acres lines though his grandfather is a horned mioget ram out of Windswept Farms.

Here is one very smooth polled ram lamb pictured in front!! Nada sign of a scur any where on that handsome head. He is also a twin ram lamb born on April 19th to Lil' Country Acres Polly and sired by Jammer. He is very nice sized lamb with excellent confirmation and a tail to match!
Picture behind him is another moorit ram lamb with small scurs forming. He is the twin to ram lamb pictured above. He is also growing into being a nice sized ram!

Oh, and this little kat ram lamb is the twin to the smooth polled ram pictured above. Smaller in stature but is so making it up in some very nice fleece and looking to be smooth polled as he just has these little crumble scurs at 2 months of age. His dam Polly really has produced some lambs with the nicest fleece in my little flock (does more than 30 sheep still count for "little"?)
Now pictured behind him is black krunet ram lamb with buttonish scurs. He is just about 2 months old and though smaller in size as his dam got bred by mistake at 8 months old, he is looking to have some nice fleece. His grandmother is Lil'Country Acres Polly and grandfather is Lil'Country Acres Jedidiah. Thank you Juliann for such awesome lines!!

This little stinker refused to look at me, probably because Dixie and I chased his little escape artist butt yesterday; however this is what I am going to call a mioget colored ram lamb. Please let me know if you think he is more moorit. His dam is Windswept Savannah Grace, a striking mioget ewe!! His sire is Jammer and his little guy is a twin to a moorit ewe lamb. Born on April 19th, he only has the smallest of button scurs. I think if the picture is biggified one can get a better look. His fleece is extremely tight and is facial features are very striking just like his mom, of course he would have to look at me in order for that pictured to be taken:)

One of the handsome spotted boys sired also by Jammer and who's dam is Sheltering Pines Spirit. I should have posted a picture of his tail because it is so perfect!! His mom's tail is a tad too long so I am very pleased on the improvement Jammer did plus the fleece is single coated and very soft! He does have small, about 1/2 inch scurs. I am very pleased with his confirmation and size. If all works out with the scurs I will be offering him for sale. I would like to ask $300 for him.

This is my inspiration for lambing 2009........a smooth polled, spotted ram! Well his brother (pictured above) may have 1/2 inch scurs, but he only has crumbles at 2 months of age!!! I would love to have a line of spotted, yuglet marked, smooth polled rams...............

.......perhaps this is the first step in that direction???!!!!
So there you have it.......a collection of my ram lambs for 2009!!
In a few weeks I will have to make the decisions on who should remain a ram and who should be wethered. I will be asking only $100 for all of the moorit (mioget also) and black ram lambs as I just have so many of them. And if they do grow into nice flock sires for someone wanting to dabble in polled lines, I just would rather see them go to someone at an affordable price and can appreciate what polled Shetlands have to offer. The kat ram lamb I would like to ask $150 for if anyone is interested.
I would love to hear from anyone who is reading as I appreciate sheep feedback. As a relative newbie to sheep, Shetlands in particular, I am pretty excited about this years lambing, though a few more girls would have been nice!!!


Sharrie said...

That is a real nice looking group of young lads you have there. I wish you were closer because I think I am looking for a polled ram lamb this year. I had lots of boys this year, too.

Nancy K. said...

Oh, that mioget ram lamb is gorgeous!!

Juliann said...

Kristi they look great! And a nice variety of colors.

kristi said...

Thank you for stopping by! This must be the year of the ram lamb:) Hopefully next year we will both get some ewe lambs!! I love the polled rams. I have just found their personalities much easier to work with...I may be going to the Michigan Fiber Festival which is closer to you LOL

Oh good, so you think he is mioget too!! I need to get a pic of his face because it is very striking!

I am so pleased that I went with you and Heather at Windswept for my foundation stock! I am working on all the in's and out's of Shetland terminology etc. and for my second big lambing season, I am pleased....almost done with that paper work too:)

Kara said...

BTW electro net is great for escape artists!

Gail V said...

Sold! I'll take one or two! I like a good sale, and need some more polled genetics in my group.
Where do you live, again?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You want input? I'll give you input! I'm JEALOUS over all your polled and button-scurred ram lambs! (And no, I don't think a flock over 30 is small. :-)

kristi said...

Well I am in Northeast Ohio; HOWEVER, I was thinking if I had enough people interested in some of the lambs, I would have no problem taking them up to the Michigan Fiber Festival in August. I have met Juliann up there twice and I enjoy the festival anyways. Now that I am out of school for the summer, I am going to get pictures of the lambs and their fleeces. The one smooth polled moorit ram has the tightest curl/crimp in his fleece. His twin however, has a softer, wavier fleece. I just want these poll carrying boys to go to homes that are interested in working with polled lines. All of my lambs were given BOSE at birth and the crop of lambs born on 4/19 already got their CDT shots. This weekend I will be giving the next group of lambs their CDT shots. I can always email pictures too:)

I love your honesty:) You know I was a wreck about having all these ram lambs but now that they are all hitting 2 months or hitting the one and half mark, I so pleased with how many are button scurred only and having that spotted/yuglet marked one with itsy bitsy scurs...well that just really makes me happy:) Yeah, with the lambs I am well over 40 sheep.....

Juliann said...

Does this mean Gail is coming to MFF? Hooray, lol!
Kristi, I hope you come to MFF, it is always so much fun and it's good fellowship with other Shetland breeders!