Monday, June 15, 2009

Life on a Monday in June

I was going to call today my first official day of summer break, but I actually attended an all day seminar in downtown Cleveland for the district I teach in and since I got paid for it, I could not resist. So Tuesday will be my first official day and I plan on planting my potatoes.

Now I may be a little late for planting them, but last year I planted them even later and I did okay. HOWEVER, this year I ordered my potatoes from Wood Prairie Farms in Northern Maine. Now, I refuse to acknowledge that I paid $38 for 3- 1#bags of 3 different varieties of organic seedling potatoes BUT I did and I better have some really awesome potatoes!! I will be planting them in the raised bed pictured above. Now I had to explain to my cat Moo that this is the place where the expensive potatoes will be grown and it is NOT a giant litter box!! He seemed to careless about what I had to say as usual.

I had promised to get a better facial picture of Savannah's twins. Pictured on the left is her ewe lamb and on the right is her button scurred mioget ram lamb. Do you think the ewe lamb is mioget or moorit? The ewe lambs fleece is softer and wavier in texture but the ram lamb has a much tighter, crimped fleece.

I snapped this picture of the same ewe lamb the other day when she and her brother escaped on you can tell she is well fed!! Just a little FYI......she is for sale:)

I promised myself I would not over spend on annual flowers this year but I could not resist this hanging basket when I was at Walmart on Saturday. It was only $6.00 and looks just perfect hanging on my deck..........summer break is looking good right about now:)


corinne said...

If someone were to spend, say $38, on seed potatoes, I would hope that they grew wonderfully and were quite productive....IF someone were to do that....I'm just sayin'.

kristi said...

your much kinder than what my dad said to me LOL

Kara said...

Hi Kristi,

I am seriously thinking about the mioget ram lamb...