Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's hear it for a Poll-Carrying Ewe!

As a relatively new breeder to Shetland sheep, I spent many late hours scanning the Internet for what I felt was the best breeding stock out there in the Shetland realm of the U.S. Last year and this year I am seeing the true results of my endeavors.

Pictured above is Harvest Thyme Sally Ann, a 4 year old fawn kat. ewe. She is a twin ewe sired by Windswept Yankee ( a mioget, yuglet ram) and Lil' Country Acres Eliza Jane (a fawn kat). She is, I hate to say it, the flakiest ewe I own. Her twin sister, Abigail, however, is my favorite ewe. Sally, however, in the 2 years she has been bred has produced the following:

A moorit, smooth polled ram. He apologizes that he was camera shy today, it was 92 degrees and did not want to smile for the camera.

There is nothing here except a smooth area.

His tail is not the most perfect Shetland tail, but I think it is workable. His hind quarters are looking nice and straight. Opps, gotta tilt your head for this shot, I forgot to turn it. LOL

This is his twin ram lamb brother. He is smaller in stature but is showing potential.

This is his horn area at just over 2 months of age. Very small button scurs. These boys were born on April 19th and were sired by Jammer, a moorit/yuglet/scurred ram.

This is Harvest Thyme Jasper. A smooth polled one year old ram who was sired by Lil'Country Jedidiah and Sally Ann. Jasper is a wonderful ramling with very good manners and a very nice crimped fleece.
Though Sally Ann has only thrown ram lambs, she is definitely a promising ewe for producing polled rams. I had considered selling her, though because of her personality, I am concerned on how she would adjust into another flock.
Anyways, I just wanted to spotlight some of what I have here at Harvest Thyme and that polled genes are slowly working its way into my flock:)
Both of the moorit ram lambs are available for sale at $100 plus $10 for the registration.
$75 as wethers.
They were given Bose at birth & have had their first CD&T shots.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'd definitely keep her in MY flock for her poll-carrying genetics! I didn't realize you had your first lambs four years ago!

kristi said...

I had my first lambs when I got Windswept Yankee, my first Shetland ram. After I had my first Shetland lambs that April, I ended up starting my MA degree & that consumed my life for 2 yrs so I did not really get seriously involved with the Shetland until the past 2 years. I am going to get some more pics as I promised you as I have an almost perfectly smooth polled kat:) Thank you for your is appreciated!

A.M. said...

I am so inspired by your blog and homestead -- I found it while searching for ways to fund a homestead or minifarm coop. I am taking a course at UCLA to learn how to write proposals to foundations, but finding the right niche is taking a lot of time. Can you tell us of sources for funding to purchase "bricks and mortar" items such as land and buildings as well as edible landscaping, tools, hydroponic or french intensive garden supplies, greenhouses, trestle tables, etc? We don't want to take out loans, we would like to establish a non-profit foundation and have a number of eligibility statuses. We can make it a wellness coop, so it falls under the health and helping the disabled category. Or an educational group. Or a sustainable ecological village sort of thing.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated!

Best Wishes,

Misty Day