Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lambing Around on Saturday Afternoon

The past couple of weeks have just been so busy and I feel pulled in so many directions to get things done: mowing the lawn, getting the garden planted, school work, maintaining the inside house, taking care of the animals etc. This week was rough because there was so much rain in the being of the week that by today, I really had to get caught up on the outside stuff. But what I found I really needed was some down time with the lambs. I love just sitting with them and letting things take its course. This year the lambs are the friendliest group which makes loving on them that much more fun.

Above is Martha's ewe lamb. She is a Shetland & Black Cotswold cross. She is extremely dear to my heart and I cherish every minute with her. Martha had given birth to twins this year but her little ram lamb was just top weak and did not make it. Last year Martha had also given birth to twins, a ewe & ram, and the ewe lamb did not thrive and passed away after 2 days. I was devastated as it was her first ewe lamb. She had 3 ram lambs in prior years. This little ewe will be staying right here with me.

This is one of the black gullie girls, there are 3 total. This girl is a twin and has white markings on her face just like her twin sister does. I will be retaining 2 of the gullie girls but will be offering one of the twin ewes for sale.

Oh, and this is what I prayed for this year.......a white lamb! And I got a white lamb with spots and the most incredible, soft fleece!! He probably thinks I am a weirdo as I just love touching his fleece.....I know your not suppose to be overly friendly with the boys but he is just awesome:)

This is ewe lamb is the twin to the white ram lamb above. She also has beautifully soft fleece and is Ag just like her mom. Her and I love each other a lot so she has a name and will be staying right here with me.......her name is Ella Mae.

And this ram lamb is one of 12 ram lambs that was born this year!!!! He has one button like scur and the other is smooth. He is just 7 weeks old. I will be offering him for sale also. Because I have so many rams this year, esp. solid & moorit (all of which either have smirslet or some type of white markings on their faces) I will be asking $100 for them, smooth polled or scurred. The fully spotted boys and the smooth polled kat ram, however, will be priced differently.

What more can I say about this ram lamb......other than he is awesome!!! He is the largest lamb at this point and is just over 6 weeks old today. His markings are so unique and his fleece is really nice.

Great markings even on the backside.......tail is looking pretty good also!

His only pending factor right now are his horns/scurs. I could rationalize keeping all of my spotted ram lambs as each has their own key selling point but I know I can't. If all works out with his horns/scurs, I will be offering him for sale at $325. How can you not love that fleece and those markings!!???
After school is out next week the plan is to get a sales blog going, of course that means the lambs need to work with me and start posing for the many pictures I need to take.
So much to do................


corinne said...

I love the last little rams markings!

Kara said...

Be sure to post pictures of the gully girl for sale and the smooth polled katmoget ram lamb just to see how much you can tempt me! How are they related? I realize I really don't have anyone to breed my Libby to if she is big enough to breed as a ewe lamb. Between you, Nancy, or of you is going to make me break my resolve not to add something new this year. I think I need intervention.

Juliann said...

Hi Kristi,

Cute little guys!
Are these little fellows going to be NASSA registered? One of these little fellows has caught my eye, but I can't use him without papers...

kristi said...

Thank you for stopping by! His markings are just awesome and he has a great personality. I am going to offer him for sale but if he does not sell, well I guess I'll just have to keep him:)

I am determined to break your resolve! The kat ram is out of a kat ewe I got from Juliann and out of Jammer (who is of course out of my smooth polled blk gul. also from Juliann). The twin blk gullie ewe lambs are sired by Jed. and their dam is a blk smirslet ewe who's sire was a mioget/yuglet horned ram and the dam is a blk smirslet ewe that I bought from Juliann also. However, Jammer's mom is also the dam of the twin gullie girls dam. I hope I explained that right. The twin girls are so striking and the kat boy is just awesome....his mom has one of the top fleeces every year:) I think I live the closest to you also bty:)

I PROMISE that they will be registered!!!! I am plugging along on the paper work. I should have it all situated by the end of the week..... I PROMISE!!!! I am still keeping my fingers crossed on the spotted/yuglet/moorit boy! If you are looking for moorit I do have a moorit ewe lamb for sale and a button scurred mioget ram lamb for sale. (though I would have to show you his tail as I can't decided if it is a good tail or not) They are twins and are out of Windswept Savannah Grace, a mioget ewe, who honestly has the prettiest face of all my ewes. After I bought her from Heather, she said she could have sold her 20x over:) Bty the way I PROMISE they all will be registered:)

Tracey said...

Thanks for sharing a little lamb love with us....they are so precious!!
:) Tracey