Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gardening with a View

So many of my flowers are ready to blossom in just days due to the very warm weather. I spent much of the week weeding the gardens and checking things out.

The garden pictured above is right off my screened in patio. The lavender blossomed this week. The hanging pottery is actually filled with water and provides a very, very slow water drip for the butterflies that come to the garden. Once all the pink cone flowers open up, I get many butterflies & hummingbirds:)

Pictured above is a weeping pussywillow tree. I call it "Cousin It" because I am constantly trimming it as it grows like a wildthing. This area is a favorite napping place for the cats. That is Linus in the picture. He turned 15 yrs. old in April!! He loves a good stroll in the garden esp. in the morning:)

This evening I was weeding in the cauliflower and broccoli beds and when I went to pull some weeds, Alvin attacked my hand. I had not seen him crawling among the plants so needless to say I thought he was something else! I am so enjoying having the time to actually work in the garden this summer and today I noticed that there are green leaves starting to emerge in the potato bed!!!
Life is looking good in the Harvest Thyme gardens:)


Bridget said...

I love the butterfly-water thingie! Your garden looks quite happy - and so do the kitties ...

I have a cat that looks just like Alvin, though he would have a heart attack if he had to be outside for any length of time.

Christy said...

That butterfly water thing is cool! I'll have to get one for my butterfly garden. I can't believe you still have brocolli and cauliflower. Mine bolted months ago.

kristi said...

thanks for stopping by:) My garden is doing so well, though it is a lot of work. I have an indoor cat who prefers the screened in porch as his outdoor adventure:)

Isn't this gardening stuff intense?LOL