Friday, June 5, 2009

End of the School Year Field Trip

The last 2 weeks of school are so hectic: students trying to get in assignments, teachers getting papers graded, packing up the classroom, promotion practices,...........and best of all field trips!!
I am the official field trip coordinator for the 8th grade at my school. I love a good trip: the state capital, a museum, Washington D.C. (did that trip 3x already), and of course, the end of the year celebration at Cedar Point Amusement Park!!!

I have been going to Cedar Point since I was in diapers (LOL). And yes, I ride everything.......there is nothing like a good roller coaster to clear the mind! I took this picture from the sky ride. The weather was perfect on Thursday....clear skies and in the low 70's.

This is a group photo of some of my students just before we got on the Millineum Force Roller Coaster. The hill behind us is a 310 ft climb to the top and is the fastest coaster in the park, actually, I think its one of the fastest in the U.S. The young blonde girl in back row is with her dad who teaches with me.......she is a 1st grader and rode the coaster with us!! Boy, I really need to do something with my camera as it keeps taking pictures of my hair looking gray..........

This is another view of Cedar Point from the sky ride. That is Lake Erie out there. The winds were out of the North on Thursday so it was a bit cooler and many of us had nice rosy cheeks today when we got to school.

This is Mr. Scott, my ride partner. He is the health & P.E. teacher at our school. He is also a personal trainer and tri-athalon competitor. I told him I was posting his picture because he is always getting on my case about how much Coke I drink and that I eat way too many carbs (Go Potatoes!!) .......he is just no fun sometimes and his arms are too big and kept taking up way too much room on the coasters. If he reads this he is going to kick my butt too (LOL).

Here is a nice shot of the park. That coaster way in the back is the Millinieum Force........check out that hill!!!!

Cedar Point has a nice frontier area to walk through and I just love the look of this barn.

And of course, Snoopy is one of the mascots for Cedar Point and I personal favorite of mine:)
So all in all, it was a great day and a long day as I did not get home 'till 9:45 at night but the kids had a great time and I ate lots of French Fries!
My grades are already done and there are only 4 days left of school......YIPPEE!!

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