Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sharing pics of the boys

Time is just flying by right now. Every time I turn around there is just one more thing to do. Every time I walk by something I think, "Gosh I really need to get to that." And if I walk by one more weed in the garden......okay I am walking by a lot of them because for every weed and dandilion I pull, I see a thousand more growing right in front of me.

It has been pretty drippy the last couple of day here so it was nice to see at least some color in the front yard gardens. I love this color......I am thinking of going with lots of pink flowers this year........not that I really like pink cuz it just happens to be a favorite color of mine:)

I can not believe how fast the lambs are growing and boy are their little personalities starting to shine......they are very curious about the miniature horses too. They are probably thinking Monique really likes them when in fact she could careless and just is trying to see if there is any food available around them.

My handsome little white guy thinks he is sizing up his competition......I love those little patches on his back legs; they match his yuglet markings on his face perfectly!

These are the 2 ram lambs born last Friday. They are doing great! I was worried about the little guy standing in bowl as he was such a little stinker but he is doing just fine. Both look like they are going to be polled or scurred esp. the one on the right. Their dam is a beautiful fawn kat ewe whose sire was a mioget yuglet ram. Does that mean they could both be modified? I get a tad confused on how the whole modified thing works.

And the spotted twins are looking quite adorable. Both have totally opposite fleeces but they are both growing into nice solid rams with, in my opinion, nice overall confirmation.

I have gotten so involved with the lambs in the last post that I thought I would share the other "kids" in this post. I can't believe they are already a month old. The little doe on the left is just a pistol and she is just all about herself. The little buckling on the right is available.........hint, hint and he is very friendly. These 2 crack me up with their antics around the barn and they give their mom a run for her money.

And here is one of 2 ewes left to lamb. She is a chunk right now. Last year she had twins, a ewe & a ram, both very there is hope that I could get a ewe lamb; maybe twin ewes......okay, I won't push it, I'll just pray for one ewe.....hopefully a gullie:)

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