Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ram Lambs R Me

On Friday, May 1st lambs #11 & #12 were born respectively, both rams. They were the 3rd set of twin ram lambs born this year. 12 lambs have been born this year, 1o are rams.

Above are the little guys that were born May 1st with their fawn kat mom. Last year she gave birth to Jasper, my full-polled black ram. The ram on the right has a very smooth head, the ram on the left (smirslet markings on the face) has the smallest of button knobs on his head. I am hoping they will either be slightly scurred or polled.

Since I am talking ram lambs, here are 2 more samplings. The black smirslet one on the left is showing small buttons scurs at 2 weeks of age. The moorit ram on the right is also showing small button scurs at the same age. He has the tightest, coated fleece. He is also a milk stealer and randomly hits up other ewe moms for hits on their milk supply. He is quite a character.

Now between all of these lambings I am working on getting the garden in shape. Today I worked on tilling up this section to enlarge the garden. I am working on getting the grass off. I thought if I till this layer up, let it dry, then rake of the grass, then I can retill and get compost & peat moss in there. I did get the raised beds all tilled up today with the help of my Dad:)

And back to the ram lambs. This little guy I think is going to be my diamond in the rough. His mom is a young black ewe who got pregnant by mistake. She however, is turning out to be a wonderful young mom! I believe this little guy may be a single coat and he has absolutely NO signs of horns or scurs!! Totally smooth! My question is, "Would his markings be smirslet or krunet?" Now how nice would that be to have a polled ram carrying spots?! Fingers crossed!

And of course, then there are those 4 beautiful spotted boys that were born, all showing signs of little horn buds:) This little ram lamb is growing into a little power package! He has a beautiful, smooth, lustorous fleece, and his markings are just awesome! He would be a great herdsire for someone......hint, hint;)
All of the lambs are registerable, I am just really slow on getting paper work done. I will be posting more pics of the ram lambs within the week. I need to move these little guys into some nice flocks and since I have alot to move, I will be very "reasonable" on selling them. Let me know if you see anyone. I am pretty sure I will be going to the Michigan Fiber Feast this year and I am seriously looking at going to the Vermont Sheep & Goat Show show in October. If you are in those areas, I am willing to work out some arrangements:)
I have 2 black smirslet ewes left to lamb, both are sired by Jedidiah......fingers crossed that there is ewe lamb out there! But for now, this year's lamb motto is:
"Ram Lambs R Me"


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

That chocolate-colored lamb looks to have a SCRUMPTIOUS fleece!

kristi said...

I am glad to hear a compliment like that coming from someone like yourself who really knows fleece, unlike me who is just in the learning stages:) Thanks for stopping by!!

ae1501 said...

Kristi, Sometimes I feel like I'm reading a foreign language while reading about your farm. The pictures however, are ADORABLE. Keep up the good work.