Monday, May 25, 2009

On Gardening, Wool, & Kids

Sometimes there is just not enough time to do everything.
Thank goodness school is over in 13 days because I need those summer months off to make a dent in all that needs to be done!!
I did however, take time on Sunday morning to go to a fiber show. I packed up some of my wool and I was at the show by 10:00 am. I am so glad I went as I met some wonderful people and just was able to see all the endless opportunities that can be done with wool!!

I bought this beautiful ball of roving because I just feel in love with the colors and it will serve as an inspiration while waiting for my wool to get processed into roving & felting. Then I fell in love with this wool felted hat (pictured on right)!!! It is the cutest hat I think I have ever seen!! It is handmade out of 100% Romney wool and it is a perfect fit! I love all the felting things one can do with wool. I signed up for a Christmas in July felting class and the project will be making a wool felted Christmas stocking. Now I have to be honest about my wool. The processing company I decided to go with told me that I need to pick through my wool more to clean it up before I get it processed. He said that it will help with a better quality end product. Since I am new at this, I will take this advice and clean it up. It will also give me time to go through last years wool. They will be at another show in Ohio in a couple of weeks so I will take it there. Anyways, I had a great time and will be spending in dues to join the local spinning club which will be holding a class in June on how to dye yarn/roving with Kool-Aid etc. So I am looking forward to that also!

On Sunday my family came over to help plant the garden. My niece Gracie was very involved in her planting. She brought a 3 pack of watermelon to plant for herself. I have never planted watermelon so I will keep my fingers crossed and tend to "her" plants with lots of love:)

And then of course, there are other "kids" on the farm that also offer their assistance whenever possible.

So this raised bed is my cabbage and the area behind it with the trellis has the beans and spaghetti squash. To the right of the trellis are a few rows of strawberry popcorn.....a miniature decorative corn for Fall. And then to the left on other trellis (actually a piece of old scaffolding) I planted cannonball gourds to grow up the "ladder".

Now the bed right in front is going to be Mom's herbs but its not completed yet. The 2 beds right behind it are all the cauliflower and brocolli. Then on green tripod/trellis are the cucumbers. Next to that green trellis in the other square bed are the brussel sprouts. Long the backside in the rotatilled area are 20 various tomato plants, Gracie's watermelon, and the corn.
Now all the garden needs is a lot of love and hopefully I will have a bountiful harvest come Fall!!!
This is the largest garden I have ever planted so I am so looking forward to watching it grow:)
As busy as things can get, there is just nothing like sitting down with the lambs and just loving all over them and letting them love all over you. This little gullie ewe has slowly been stealing my heart............


Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
You sure are busy and productive!
I hope you will show us the stocking you make!
I sure hope you ahve a bountiful harvest with all the planting y'all did. Do you can?
I've never heard of strawberry popcorn.
As always, the babies are sooooo cute!

Mim said...

Hi I was reading about getting your fleece ready to send to the processers. I like to get a big tub of water outside and soak the whole fleece in it for two or three days. No soap does not need to be hot in fact cool water is better. Then take it out and lay it on a screen or piece of fenceing to dry. I run water from the hose threw it to rinse. It's amazing how much dirt and some of the lanolin comes out. Then when it drys shake it up and down on the fencing and vm falls out much easier.
Love your garden!

Nancy K. said...

Your gardens are awesome! I've never seen such a neatly organized garden. I love the separate bed for each planting!

Not that I've ever gardened. But, if I did, I'd want to do it like YOU!


Rayna said...

omg I thought that hat was like a kitty pillow...the sunflowers look like eyes...the sheeps head looks like the nose...the two sheeps feet kinda look like teeth...and the pink flower pot behind looks like ears! LMAO Wanna come plant my garden now?! lol

kristi said...

Oh I have been too busy! I promise to show you my first felting project:) I planted so many tomatoes this year with hopes of making some sauces....nothing spicy though. Strawberry popcorn is a small, like 4 inch cob, that is used for Fall decorating, its perfect for wreathes. If I get a good picking, I will send you some:)

Oh, thank you so much for the suggestion!! I will definitely do that this weekend...better to start now as I have LOTS to wash:) Thank you for the compliment on the garden....I read way too many gardening magazines!

Thank you for loving my garden...its one of the most organized areas at my house....the inside house is definitely a "mess" right now. I love the old colonial style gardens and I am hoping by adding the picket fence it will add even more to it:)

if I leave that hat out on the table one of my cats will make it a should see how they knead the heck out of the sheeps wool when I lay it out to skirt it for the fairs. As for helping you fingers and hands have permit dirt stains right now:)