Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gardening & A New Rooster

I can't believe this weekend is already over!!! So many gardening projects, a screened in porch that needs to be rescreened, a picket fence to still put up, weeds to be pulled..........and countless other projects plus getting the pictures of the lambs to start getting some of them sold. So far though it looks like I will have a kat ram, 3 moorits w/some smirslet markings, a spotted, and one possibly 2 solid black rams w/white markings on the face (one is krunet) that will either be smooth poll or button scurs. But more on the lambs during the week:)

I was working hard on getting the flowers planted and transplanting some perennials and putting some of my summer "stuff" out like my new garden flag!

Dixie was all about hanging out along side of me as I worked and she took in some rays of sun.

I cleaned up my chiminea, put more gravel under it and added a planter along side of it.

Of course, its always good to have an inspector check it out to make sure its good to go. This is a popular cat hang out in the summer.

I did get some of my planters on my deck planted.....still a few more to get done though.

Simon, my 3 legged kitty who is now 10 years old, was also out and about checking on the gardening progress. He was also checking out the gold finches at the feeder and I had to give him a lecture on leaving those birds alone.

And last of all my new rooster! Isn't this a hoot? I haven't decided where I am going to put it, probably inside the screened porch as I don't want it to rust or fade in the weather. One of those frivolous purchases but it just cracked me up!
So tomorrow is Monday. On Thursday my 8th graders are going to Cedar Point Amusement better be good as I ride all of the rides!!! Nine more days of school left!!!! Not like I am counting:)


Carolina Trekker said...

Have fun at Cedar Point!!! My niece is a teacher at a middle school in Bellevue. She helps her husband coach The Lady Bears basketball team. Hot here in the Carolina's...time for school to let out. Enjoy seeing your gardens, projects, shopping trip finds & wonderful farm pets. Enjoy the Summer! Will be looking in.
I grew up in Akron and your farm brings back good memories.

Christy said...

That rooster is hilarious! I love it. I have so much weeding to do I may just ignore it all.

Rayna said...

Super cute roo! I love it!

Deb said...

Everything is looking great Kristi....I love the picture of your kitty in the Chiminea and I think that rooster is the cutest!

Have fun on your field trip - you show those youngsters how to have a good time :)