Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And then came the Black Cotswold Lambs.....sort of

So yesterday, Martha, my Black Cotswold ewe gave birth to a set of twins......
isn't this little ewe too cute?

Martha was not suppose to get bred this year because in the last 2 seasons she has had twins and last year her ewe lamb passed away after only 2 days. It was very heart-breaking and I had a hard time with it. So this year I decided not to breed her and therefore did not put her with TJ, my Black Cotswold ram. GOOD IDEA, RIGHT?

But because I am smart like that, holding a BA & MA degree, obviously NOT in sex in the barn, I somehow overlooked the fact that Jedidiah was in with her and the Shetland girls. TJ was not with her so OBVIOUSLY why would she get bred? So when I realized she was bred, the first word that came to mind was, "DUH".

But they sure are cute! This is the little ram lamb. He is little slower & weaker than his sister(who is doing just fine) so I am nervous about this and hoping for the best. He appears to be nursing okay but I just worry due to loosing the ewe last year.

Both lambs have very strong Cotswold characteristics......long legs, long tail (which will be docked), facial features, and biggify the pic to see that curl in the fleece!!! Definitely Cotswold:)
For being a cross, I think they should be real nice fiber sheep. The ewe lamb will be staying right here with me as I can breed her to TJ in the future:) The little ram will be wethered and be offered as a fiber pet as I already have 3 Black Cotswold wethers. Let me know if you would be interested.

"So, if we both have the same Daddy, why do we look so different?"
The little black gullie girl has been very curious about the new ewe lamb today. Watching them play together was just too funny today.
Lambing is official done as of yesterday.
18 Lambs: 6 ewe lambs & 12 ram lambs
Lots of really good prices coming up on ram lambs & wethers!!!


Deb said...

Congratulations on a great lambing season Kristi! All your babies are adorable :) Wish you were closer - I'd have to have one or two.

Kara said...

Hey no gully ram for me? I didn't know the last to lamb was not a Shetland! Those cross lambs are cute. Congrats on a great lambing season!

corinne said...

Sorry that your lambing season was a little heavy on the rammy lambies! You do have some very nice lambs though.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!They really are too cute..

Tammy said...

Are you SURE your done?? ;-) Too funny. When I saw that top photo I thought...Shetland! They have a look about them that screams a Shetland ram took advantage of the situation. Ha.. Pretty babies, hope they both thrive. Sometimes that high bred vigour makes the difference. Enjoy your babies.