Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

All the baby lambs are doing well this week; I however have swollen glands, head to toe body aches, and the need to sleep because I am so tired. I decided to stay home from school today because there was no way I could drive in an hour without falling asleep. Whatever Nancy & Kara had somehow made it across the blogging world to me LOL. Actually a flu strain has been going through school so I sure due to that and just stessing myself out this week brought my body resistances.
On a lighter, I was taking some pictures of the baby lambs and got to thinking.

This is one of Spirit's little ram lambs above.................... you see any resemblances to the ram lamb pictured above? That little ram lamb is my Jammer who was born last year. Oh, no. I got the calendar out and got to counting days. On December 13th I noted that I put Jed., my black polled gul. ram in with the girls and took Jammer, who was not even a full 5 mos old, out and put with him in the other barn. Well, when I counted from Dec. 13th to April 19th that only gives me 127 days. Sheep gestation runs from 147-155 days. So there is a 20 day gap. I have 4 more ewes to go. 2 are just starting to get udders so they should be going in May. They will have been bred by Jed. The other 2 I bet will go by this weekend. And I will be thinking they are Jammer's. I am thinking maybe of doing a DNA test just to be sure. Has anyone ever done one?

And as Jammer has yuglet markings, there were 3 ram lambs born with those markings, though with Jed. last year I still had 3 born with those markings too. Okay, Jammer is a scurred boy so if he carriers the polled gene from Jed., it will be intersting to see how the 6 ram lambs turn out esp. with their horns......will there be full horns, scurs, no horns? That little ram pictured above is just too darn good-looking!

This is Spirit's whole family, its like the "spot family". That is her daughter from last year standing by the heat lamp. I put her in with Spirit as she was limping for a few days. I gave her a banamine & nuflor shot and today she is doing much better:)

These are Savannah's twins. The one on the left is the ewe and the one on the right is the ram. Do you think he could possibly be mioget as he is lighter in color? Savannah is a mioget ewe.
Oh, and if in fact all of these 8 lambs born are Jammer's, which I am very sure they are, well I had him wethered over springbreak because I was worried about the way his scurs were growing. Guess he got the last laugh in however:) I just pray that all of these guys have no horn or scur issues. This polled/ horn genetics drives me crazy!!


corinne said...

Beautiful little spotties!!

Rayna said...

Very nice!

Kara said...

Ah Ha! I thought your lambs were early. I had thought you put Jed in about the same time I took my guys out which would be about early May lambs. That would explain there not being any gullies yet. My ram lambs got the job done about 6 months old so I am not surprised. Beautiful lambs, Jammer did get the last laugh didn't he? In my opinion you shouldn't waste time/money on DNA testing unless you have a few closer to the "grey" area date wise. These big, beautiful, healthy lambs could no way be 20 days early. Hope you feel better soon - lots of rest. I didn't give it to you I swear!

Tammy said...

Hmmmm...seems like we were 'concerned' this would happen when you mentioned Jammer was still in w/the ewes. :-) I wouldn't worry about paternity testing, if Jammer was the only ram in with them and they are at day "127" in the exposure with your other ram. That would make them 20 days preemie and they surely aren't. I'd say little Jammer was a busy, busy boy! Hope you feel better soon. Being sick is no fun, esp. at lambing time.

melanie said...

Looks like you better make sure Jammer is registered so his offspring can be...and crack out a cigar for the little guy - he was quite the early bloomer!

kristi said...

thank you so much!!

I think you need one:)

Oh it has just been crazy this week and I know Jammie is laughing at me. I am praying that the 2 black smirlset ewes that look like they will be going in May will have gullies...and girls. Good grief I have 7 rams right now and 2 ewes! My glands are so swollen i can barely swallow:( Thanks for stopping by!

Yep I did do a post on that "little" concern. Maybe I will only do the DNA if its close and someone is interested in one of the boys as a breeding ram. This being sick really sucks.

i thought about that...if I register him, or can if he is a wether? Or will he be just registered as a ram?

Nancy K. said...

I think I remember mentioning that those lambs looked related. ;-)

Sprite's family is AWESOME!!!

And now you're waiting on GUllies???


I hope you feel better soon! I've had it for almost 2 weeks. The worst is over ~ the swollen glands, fever & aches ~ but the cold (cough and stuffy/drippy nose) still lingers...

Be well!

Drink TEA!!!!
(a little Korbel (brandy)/diet Coke doesn't hurt either)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

My understanding from more experienced shepherds is that anything under 138-140 days gestation isn't viable, so I agree with the others, don't test. I checked into it in case I ran into the same question from an overnight breakout, and it is expensive. To get definitive results you have to test ram, ewe, AND lamb, at $40/sample. This is what UC-Davis says on their website: "You may know who the dam is but we need to know the genetic information the dam provides in order to deduce what genetic markers must come from the sire. Both parents provide an effective result that would be legally conclusive. Testing only one parent will give you one of two possible answers: the single parent can be excluded, or it could "qualify" as being a possible parent. This does not mean it is a parent, only that it could be."

melanie said...

I register all my sheep - there is room on the form to let they know you have wethered him, and when. I believe in providing as much good information to the Shetland registry so that folks can accurately track genetics, etc.

If you don't register his "activity" as a ram, none of his offspring are eligible to be registered, and for many shepherds, that lowers the value of the lambs.

All that being said, many shepherds don't register wethers (who have been wethers all their lives) to save money...

Juliann said...

Kristi, you can still register him anytime, even if he has been wethered recently. He'll have to be papered if you want to paper any of his lambs.

Don't forget to transfer Jed's registration papers into your name if you haven't already! You've got a nice flock of purebred Shetlands, shame to not paper the breeding quality ones. Poll folks like me are going to need someone to buy from sometimes, lol!