Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thoughts on Mowing the Lawn

Okay, I know I have waited all winter to see spring......the flowers, leaves on the trees, the sounds of the birds, but after sitting on the lawn mower yesterday cutting the grass for the first time this season, I was wondering if I could train my sheep to do this?

Sure would save on hay, I could rotate the sheep in time intervals.
Its just a thought worth thinking about :)


Christy said...

Yeah, hubby is disappointed that he had to mow a couple of times. The sheep just can't eat it fast enough in the spring. I know come summer we will be begging for that fast growing grass.

Deb said...

You actually MOW with all those critters that you have? If I had my way, I'd have every square inch of grass on this farm fenced for sheep and goats and cattle!
Hubby doesn't necessarily approve but I'm going to win the battle since I have to mow the grass :)

Susan said...

I had Mo out edging the drive today LOL. Seriously the neighbors were cracking up at the huge dog I was walking. By the way Kristi I check your blog and all your blog buddies goings on as well. I'm enjoying everyones sheep and goats without having any of my own :) Getting quite an education.

melanie said...

Oh, honey, puh-leeease! That's why they invented electro-net. The only use for the riding mower these days is to deliver cold drinks to the lower lot. The sheep have been out on the lawn now for weeks...

Nancy K. said...

I spent my morning fencing in my front yard and the ditch along the road so that I can let the sheep do my mowing....


If I EVER get the time, I'll post some pictures.

kristi said...

Tell hubby to get you some more animals LOL!!! I think you need a Shetland ram lamb:)

I know I really to fence in more because mowing just gets on my nerves....the sheep and goats actually stare me down when I mow because I give them the grass clippings once they dry a bit....they are like stalkers:)

you so need to stop out in the next month or so to see everyone....and see Dixie too:)

R U making fun of ME? Is that a sarcastic remark? Do I need to come up your way to set things straight? LOL I am thinking my humor and your humor are very close:)

I really do need to get some portable fence to get the guys out, actually my rams will just follow me out and follow me back me, its the ewes that tend to be flakey. Nancy, why can't I leave a comment on your site? I keep trying and for some stupid reason it won't let me:(

melanie said...

As I used to say to the kids..."you better come heavy, cuz you're gonna go back light" (I got that one off my husband)...and no, no sarcasm - just friendly farmer-to-farmer advice!

Anonymous said...