Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shearing Day is Now History

By 7:30 this morning I had all the wethers and ewes separated into 2 stalls. I didn't care who was with who as long as they were all in the stalls, gotta love the power of grain in the morning. I had already walked the mini horses to the back pasture. All the LaManchas were in the last stall munching on grain and hay. The Nigerians were outside under the overhang except Sassy who was with her babies in the small stall I had made in the barn. I closed the double doors under the overhang to close off the center of the barn. Then I walked TJ, my Cotswold ram and Jed, my polled Shetland ram back to the big barn from their barn. AND YES, they both walked like gentlemen right back with me, following the grain cup all the way. Once they were in I walked the 3 Shetland ram lambs back.....all were so good.

Now that everyone was secure in the big barn, I could have given a crap if it rained. Actually, the morning was very overcast, little bit of drizzle but the real rain started about 1:30, just one shy of the last sheep to be sheared.

Little Jammer was all upset with the whole ordeal but I told him to hold real still while George sheared around those real important places.

Let's just say there was A LOT of wool on the Cotswolds. Ira was not having a lot of fun with this. Even the shearer could not believe how much wool was on the Cotswolds. Perhaps a reflection of the cold winter.

I'll give you a sneak preview of what the fleece was looking like as it was coming off......let me just say, it is REALLY NICE:)
So, today 25 sheep got sheared.....thats a lot of sheep.
I am being pro-active when I say there are at least 5 girls definitely pregnant, I could be wrong.
I have a lot of thoughts on my sheep right now but I am tired...... new stress and anxiety issues knowing that lambs are coming soon.
I think I need a glass of milk and cookies before I go to bed to relax.


Rayna said...

Mmm...milk and cookies...:) I want nekkid sheep pics! lol

melanie said...

25 sheep??? You're hiding 25 sheep on that nice little farm? Gotta get me some more Shetlands....

Nancy K. said...

It's always such a huge relief when shearing is done. I HATE shearing day!

You have as many sheep as I do.

Too many!


Good luck with lambing! How many are bred? I only bred 6 this year and 3 of them are sold...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the before and afters,they are so pretty.Congrats on the lambs;)

Christy said...

I'm glad shearing is over and it went well. I'm dreading shearing day and I only have 2. Makes the hair sheep more appealing, except then the only purpose they have is meat. It is complicated isn't it?

kristi said...

I will post "nekkid" pics when it warms up...its pretty damp today and everyone is staying in the barn...promise:)

yes, 25...sigh. It is such a muddy farm right now...I have plenty of Shetlands for you...what color would you like? Please twist my arm only slightly & I will drive a couple of to you this summer:)

yes it was such a relief but now that I know the girls are bred, I seriously need to cut back. I do not want my sheep numbers over 30...actually 20 would be just fine. I am thinking, based on utters that 5 are definite...with my luck they all are, the adults not the ewe lambs. STRESS:(

thanks for stopping! Tomorrow the sun is "suppose" to shine so I will get some sheared shots outside:)

there are so many pros and cons of animal decisions...I do love the wool sheep but it is stressful on shearing day but at least its only once a year:)

Tracey said...

I hope we get to see some after pics!
A little milk and cookies always helps makes everything better :)
Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wow, that IS a lot of sheep - and the number is due to mushroom soon! Wish I had more time; I would love to buy and process some of that delicious-looking Cotswold. But seeing as I have all this Shetland lying around....