Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just because I love baby goats.....

Day 2 of much to many much cleaning & many animals to play with:)

I can get so sidetracked out in the barn. Every where I look there is something to be cleaned, things to be organized out there too. And always a picture to take:)

Watching Sassy's kids are quite a treat and she is being an awesome mom! She just hangs out while they hang out on her. She will not leave their side and has a fit when I hold them. They are official one week old today and it is amazing how much they have already grown!

Today I let these LaMancha babies out with me while I was doing chores around the yard. They were so happy to be free and running around in the yard. I am still working on a name for the little girl pictured above. She is such a little lover.
This handsome, 6 week old LaMancha buck is going to be "Autumn Acres T.S. Elliot". T.S. stands for "Total Stud"......LOL. He is so ridiculously friendly its pathetic.
Wishing Everyone A Happy Easter!!!!!!!


Tracey said...

Love the picture of the babies standing on their momma!
What did she think when you took them to school?
Happy Easter!!

Rayna said...

Maybe Elliot and Olivia, like on Law and Order SVU?

Christy said...

I love baby goats too! They are so cute and sweet. We are going to train ours for therapy work.