Monday, April 6, 2009

Its Only Monday but...........

Today is Monday and I only have to go to school for 4 days this week!!! Spring break starts on Friday and I will pray that the weather next week will be much better than this week.....right now it looks like a blizzard out outside. Spring in Northeast Ohio at its finest...oh, I forget the Indians home opener is Friday so it has to snow here.

Sassy's babies are doing very well! They are enjoying the heat lamp, attempting to do a little hopping, falling down a few times, and just being cute little stinkers. But that little girl has a set of lungs on her when she wants to be heard!

The other day I brought the big bucket in to get hot water for the goats, (gosh knows goats love their hot water on cold days) and just as I set it down, Tasha jumped in. At 19 years old, she still has her own sense of humor.........I told her that I did not appreciate her "kicking the bucket" humor:) At 19 she is skinny, little hard of hearing, but doing very well.

I will end with a sunny picture I took on Saturday. I was trying to get a picture of Dixie with the Easter Bunny. That is Casper the flying cat in the background. I think Casper is pushing 10 years old now. He is a Himalayan/Angora mix, the result of one of those famous "cat breeders". He was one of 5 kittens I was able to save when I was working at the vet. The litter was dieing quite quickly due to all kinds of issues and the woman did not want to spend the money. I basically told the lady I was taking the kitten before it too died.
So, anyways, did I mention that my spring break starts this week????
So much house cleaning to do, curtains to make, pictures to be hung, organization to be done.....where shall I start? Playing with baby goats sounds good:)


Christy said...

Yes, playing with baby goats should be first on the list! I hope you have a great break

Corinne R. said...

Yes, let's get our priorities straight, playing with the goats comes first!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Don't you just love old kitties :-).

Kara said...

Great pictures! Those goats are very cute. Enjoy your Spring break, don't try to get too much done. Playing with goat kids sounds like a perfect way to spend your break.