Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gracie's 2009 Lamb Keeper

On Sunday my family came out to visit. Niece Gracie was off to see the lambs right away.
Look at who she fell in love with!!
This little guy is such a sweetie, letting Gracie hold him and pet him, the patience of a Saint seeing as he was just a week old in this picture. I told her I had prayed for a white lamb for her and I and he was our present! So she said I could give her him for Christmas:)
Keeping with the J-Crew theme (boys who are related to Jedidiah), I am going to name him Jericho or Jeremiah. Opps, guess I forgot to say that this white boy is staying right here with me because I have always wanted a white sheep:)


Juliann said...

What an adorable photo!

Christy said...

I would keep that boy too! He is beautiful.

kristi said...

Thank you! She is my little farm girl at heart:)

I have always wanted a white one and he was the first lamb born this year:)

Tracey said...

Miss Gracie is so cute! She is definitely a farm girl in the making :)