Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flat Stanley comes to Harvest Thyme!!!!

Today in the mail I received a very special visitor!!
Flat Stanley has come visit me at Harvest Thyme!!!

Flat Stanley was sent to me by Taylor, a wonderful 1st grader and the daughter of one of the teacher's that I work with. Taylor has visited my farm before and I am very honored that she choose my place to send Flat Stanley!

Now for those of you who are wondering who the heck Flat Stanley is I will tell you. Flat Stanley was written by Jeff Brown. Stanley was accidentally flattened by a poster when he was sleeping and because he was only 14 mm thick, he was able to go and do things no one else could do or go. Stanley is known for all the places he travels to.
When Stanley first got to me today, I wanted to show him the Nigerian Dwarf babies......the little girl was quite curious about him!!!

Then Stanley got to help me feed the chickens. He was a little nervous because the chickens kept trying to peak at him so I had to take his picture really quick!!! I have to send him back to Taylor and I would hate to have him full of holes:)

I was able to get this nice picture of him with one of the Dominques however:)
So, Flat Stanley will be hanging out with me and the animals at the farm for one week. I'll take lots of pictures of him with the animals and he will be going to Amish country with me next week. I will make a little scrapbook of his adventure and send it to Taylor so she can share it with her first grade class.
Gee, 8th grade teachers don't do these kinda of things!! Just as a little FYI, I am actually certified to teach elementary grades 1-8 and I am certified to teach history for grades 7-12 (BA & MA in history). I love the little things the elementary kids do but I am afraid of those little people......I much rather have those know-it-all 8th graders:)
Spring break starts in 2 days!!!!! Yippee!!!!


Sharrie said...

Enjoy you time off. It looks like you have a lot of things going on at the farm, so you will be busy. Enjoy!

Pat in east TN said...

I got a good morning giggle over Flat Stanley and his visit to your farm! Hope you enjoy your spring break and yet another visit to Amish Country!!!

A friend is going to be in that area in the next couple of weeks ... I've told her about some of the stores, but what is the name of the one you find your bargins at? Our trip is still in the discussion stage ... someday, someday.

melanie said...

I'm with you - the little ones are sticky. I'll take the older ones any day...

Speaking of trips...coming to Vermont anytime soon? We're going to be in the Bennington Mayfest on Memorial Day weekend...just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Spring Break and Stanley looks like he's having a great visit,lucky guy;)

Tracey said...

Hey, I remember Flat Stanley. I still have a Flat Stanley book of my son's when he was little.
I am jealous, I want to mail myself up there and do all that cool stuff Flat Stanley is doing :)
Enjoy your Spring Break!!

kristi said...

Yes, next week will be busy but at least I will be home!!

Unfortunately, my favorite bargin store is up in Cleveland where I teach:( But they just opened the new Flea Market last week and there are some really nice places in there! I also love Kaufmans in Berlin and Primitive Gatherings!!

yes the little ones are a "tougher" crowd:) My parents and I have been talking about going up for a couple days either in July or October. I am jealous that your going to Bennington, I loved that town!!! Please take some pics for me:)

Stanley got a ripped arm today when I went to take a pic of him w/one of the goats who thought he was something to eat..I had to do a quick save!!

See I knew someone would know Stanley and not think I was some crazy blogger!! You are welcome any time at my home!!