Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finally, Sassy has her babies!!

On Friday I took a special privilege leave day at school and headed down to Amish Country with Mom & Dad to check out the new Amish Flea Market that opened on the Thursday. I got a few new crafty, primitive things for the house; we stopped at the bakery & Mud Valley for some meat; and I stopped at Maysville Feed for horse & goat feed plus some cracked corn.....300# of feed for $41, not too bad.
It was a yucky day for the most part, cold rainy, just a drippy day overall but not if your Sassy, my Nigerian Dwarf doe......a perfect day to finally have her babies.

Of course, this was not a simple kidding. Sassy is older and has never been bred. Labor started around 6:30. Just the simple signs. Around 8:45 a nose came out. Then the bridge of the nose, no hoofs, nose still in the water sack. Looking for hoofs. Nothing. I wait a bit. Giving it time. Too much time has passed. I call my friend Barb for suggestions. Get in there to find the hoofs is the advice. Great. My hand goes in. Nothing. Sack is still on the face. Try again. Where in the heck are the hoofs? Sassy pushes. Now the full head is out. Head in the sack still. I still can not find the hoofs. More time pass...too much. I call the vet.(Thank goodness it is my favorite vet on call & she is truly the best for goat & sheep stuff). She is on her way. Sassy moves. Sack breaks. Clean up the face. Baby is breathing. I am freaking because the baby is out to the shoulders. Sassy is not pushing any more.......where are those darn hoofs?????? Sassy is still not pushing. I have NEVER reached in past my wrist to assist in a birth but since I am in panic mode and the vet will take a good 10-15 minutes to get to my house, in the hand & arm I go. Hello, is anyone in there??? I have given up on the damn front hoofs. I find the butt. Cup my hand around it. Sassy is screaming to beat the bang. She pushes. I push too and by the grace of God, my hand and arm (which by the way my arm was all the way in almost to my elbow....would have taken a picture but I was full of blood and "stuff") guide that baby out!!!! I grab the towel, clean out the mouth and face again, and hand her to Sassy. Thank goodness, she goes to town cleaning the baby up. The picture above is the little boy who came out.
The vet. got there about 5 minutes later. Now of course, she checked over Sassy and reached in, and I kid you not, in 15 seconds pulled out another baby!!! Seriously, I worked so hard for that first one and bam, she had out the second one in record time! She did tell me that I really did all the work though and that I did a good job and I am turning into a good mid-wife:) What an adrenaline rush!!
This is the little girl and when I say little, I mean little. She is really pretty. The picture above is her left side and the picture below is her right side.

I finally got into bed around midnight and then set my alarm every 2 hours to check on the babies.

The first 24-48 hours drive me crazy, trying to make sure the babies are nursing, that no one gets stepped on or laid on, of course when the babies do these things, how can one not resist a photo opportunity?

I am not sure who likes the heat lamb more, the babies or Sassy. The Nigerian babies are so much smaller than the LaMancha babies were. I know, 2 different breeds but I still can not help fussing and worrying about them. Another long night I am sure for me. I will get up to check on them just because I have too and will think the worst if I don't.

"Come on, I just want to take a peek to see what is going on in there!! Please, will someone let me see the babies?"


Christy said...

Congratulations! They are beautiful. I'm going to have to get a camera for the barn when I start having babies or I'll never get any sleep.

melanie said...

Wowza! You really are a farmer now! Can't say I've been THERE....

Wait till you tell your student where your hands have been...

Tammy said...

Good job, Kristi, I'm glad you were there to help her deliver. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. The babies are so cute. I agree that first 24-48 hours can be exhausting, esp. if the birth was a hard one. Lambing seems to have screeched to a halt here. Five little ones on the ground and nobody else giving up any secrets. I hate it when they aren't sheared before lambing, so hard to tell what's going on.

Deb said...

Way to go Kristi!! Those are the sweetest little goats :) I think I might have to get some of those :)
Congratulations on a job well done - you can do absolutely anything when you have to, especially when your animials trust you the way yours do.
Hugs them for me :)

Nancy K. said...

OMG! Could they possibly be any cuter???

YOU are awesome!!!

kristi said...

I was glad to have the whole weekend to nap a bit, or maybe just sleep in the barn:)

My students always look at me like I live on another planet...I am taking 2 of the LaMancha babies in on Thursday for the little kids..I'll keep up posted:)

It is good to hear from you! It is like your mind enters another zone and I was so glad I was home! My sheep get sheared in 2 weeks and I know the feeling about those "surprises":)

They are so cute and so little and Sassy is being such a good mom. Each breeding season always brings a new learning long as they are good lessons and it ends well, I don't mind:) Hugs will come everyday:)

Thank you! And don't worry about more cute factor pics....I think I took too many already!!

Corinne R. said...

Congrats! I am glad that mamma and babies are doing well : ).

Tracey said...

Hi Kristi, are such a great midwife!! Sassy did good...the babies are both absolutely adorable....I just want to jump through my computer screen and love on them :)
How big do these kind of goats get?
Have can catch up on sleep later! LOL

Kara said...

Wow that is incredible! I guess we are capable of much more than we would expect when the need arises. Great job and beautiful goat kids!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You know, she wouldn't have had to stretch for both the baby AND your arm if you'd just pulled on the kid's head! Make the poor doe feel like she's pushing out the twins TOGETHER! ha! So glad all went well and you got two BEAUTIFUL, flashy babies!!! And how considerate was she for delivering on the weekend?

Country Whispers said...

These are adorable!

Country Whispers said...

Hello again,
Since you left me a comment I'm entering your name in my giveaway. Good luck!

Susan said...

Congrats, you were super Goat Momma for sure. Those two have to be the cutest babies I've ever seen. Hope you post tons of pix, ecspecially when they get out to play with the first set.