Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day in the Life of a Sick Hobby Farmer

I had called in sick on Thursday to school and by noon on Thursday I was pretty much down for the count. Temperature, chills, shaking, glands so swollen I could barely swallow so I broke down and called the doctor. Six years ago my tonsils abcessed and I ended up in the hospital for 2 days, in April. The doctor reaffirmed that yes indeed my tonsils were ugly. No, kidding....why doesn't some doctor just say, "Take the damn things out". There's a thought. Well the strep test in-house came back negative as it always does for me (its a been there, done that) but they would culture it over night. She called in a prescription for Amoxi. Thursday night chores were so hard as I had NO ENERGY. I was exhausted, shaking, my ears hurt so bad because the glands were swollen, and I could barely swallow water at this point. 800mg of Ibuprofen every 4 hours was not even putting a dent into the pain. I called the sub-center for Friday cuz I knew I was not going to make it. Friday morning was another treat for doing chores. It took twice as long as I had to keep resting. My mom and Dad came over early afternoon to bring me some sherbet and noodle soup because why would I have that in my house. The doctor's office called to let me know that the culture came back positive for strep throat. How wonderful. So they called in Medrol to get the swelling down. Today is a much better day, not perfect, but I can swallow and move around, I sat on the lawn mower and cut grass knowing that my Mom would yell at me for doing so but the lawn was bad. But it was 85 degrees out:) Oh, I did forget to say my very sweet FWB went to TSC and got me some fencing and stakes and he put up a nice size area off the barn so I could put all the girls and the lambs in there and they still have excess into the barn without getting in the way of the large animals. All I had to do was stand and support the fence ( which was about all I could do on Friday evening) while he pounded in the stakes and secured them. It was so nice to see all the lambs running around outside in the sun today. His help was very appreciated yesterday.

My tulips started to blossom this week to add a touch a spring to the yard.

Oh, and on Thursday when I came home from the doctor's, I noticed this white head lying in the sun by one of the black ewe.....oh gosh. I was now a total wreck as soon as I realized who the Mom was. This black ewe was born last April and when she got sheared and I saw a very little udder I felt terrible. How could I have let that happen? I felt like the worst person in the world. And I worried that it was Jed., her sire. Well, obviously its not but I still feel terrible for letting this happen. But she had that little RAM LAMB (AGAIN) cleaned up and was doing very well. My panic is in that her udder is so small and I am worried if she will have enough milk. I didn't know if I should bottle feed him. He appears to be doing okay and does appear to be nursing though this is only day 3. He is so little, I am just unsure if I should do thing or just let nature take its course. This week has just been insane.

On a sunny note, I bought this globe stake that is "suppose" to glow at night when it is in the sun. Well, it was only $3.99 so even if it didn't, I thought it would still look pretty in the flower bed. Well, I pleased to tell you that as of 11:20 pm. it is glowing! Good buy!
So, this ends one hectic, stressful, sickly, too much too do, not enough time in the day, week.
Its gotta get better next week.................


Deb said...

I'm so sorry you've been's miserable when you have to work or tend animals and you just feel like mud :( Hope your on the mend and feeling yourself soon!
Your babies and your flowers look beautiful ~ I hope you have a great week ahead :)

Nancy K. said...

TEA. Lots of tea. That's what I was told. ;-)

One of the gals I work with came down with the same bug that I have and went to the doctor who told her it's viral bronchitis. I was feeling somewhat better but the sinus drainage never went away. Now, my ears are starting to hurt again and I'm beginning to worry about sinus infection as the mucus is beginning to have a greenish tint.


Sorry about that.


Kara said...

Oh you poor thing, I hope you get better soon! Mine is still lingering a bit too. To answer your other question:
I had three yearlings lamb this year and one last year. All have/had smallish utters and were nursing singles. All the lambs are gaining well. The lambs will get what they need for the most part, make sure you are keeping her well fed and hydrated. Check his weight every couple days. If he is round and warm and feeling like he is gaining you are fine. I swear Duet's son is almost as big as she is and he is not even two weeks old - he is a tank and her utter is small. A noisy lamb is a hungry one...listen for him. Good luck, my yearlings are great moms but I know what you mean about worrying about them.

Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
I am so sorry you are sick!!
(I agree with your mom - shame on you for mowing!!)
I wish I lived closer and I could help you with your chores...and love on all those babies while I am doing it!
The tulips are so pretty!
Feel better soon :)

Christy said...

That sucks having to do the chores when you feel bad! I get overwhelmed sometimes even when I'm not sick. I'd like to see the new fenced area.

Susan said...

You poor thing, glad your FWB helped and your parents got you stocked up with sick food. It's nice enough today that maybe just sitting and watching your baybees in the yard will help you feel better.

kristi said...

yes, mud describes it very well, perhaps even stuck in it:) The power of drugs is helping, and I know I need to finish all them as I tend to forget the last few days when I start to feel better. Its so good to see flowers!!

My mom gets really bad sinus infections so I understand what your saying. When you work with animals, nothing is really gross to me:) Thanks for stopping by and caring:)

I am surprised at how well she is doing with him, and he is does seem to be nursing fine. Its probably mean, looking into things way too deep. Its a good thing I was not there when she had him because I know I would have been a wreck...thinking the worse. Thanks for your support:)

hey you!! thanks for your thoughts. I bet you would love the lambs...remember our "lamb deal":) I loved all your roses on your post the other day!!

I promise to get you some pictures in the next day or so. Its nothing fancy but it is working perfectly for me and them!

I wished you lived closer as I would call you for help:) Dixie almost went for her first pond swim today....she got nervous but next time I think she will go for it!!