Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Caution: Naked Sheep Photos!

Well, I was going to wait to take pics of the sheep now that they were sheared but since I have not seen the sun since Easter due to the clouds hanging over Ohio I decided to go ahead and take some pictures.

Above is Ira, my Black Cotswold wether. He is so shiny can tell Ira is not lacking in the weight department. He is a really good hugger too:)

I will call this picture the "butt A*@ naked picture". Someone on the right side of the picture looks pretty pregnant to me. I am actually concerned that some of the girls look too thin to me. On a couple of them I can see hip bones so that has me worried and though summer is coming, I still want to see more weight on some of them, esp. those that are pregnant.

This is one of the ewe lambs that was born in June. I need to get more weight on her too. All my lambs were born in June or July and this shearing posed an interesting issue. All the lambs were difficult to shear in that they had a double coat. Is it because they were born so late and therefore did not come into rise (did I say that correctly?). They did not shear as clean/smoothly as the adults so they look a tad disleveled. Can anyone give some input or suggestions on this?

This is Windswept Savannah, a mioget ewe who had twin ewe lambs last year. I am pleased that she is pregnant and I am hoping for twins again. She was such a good mom last year.
Based on udder size, I am thinking the girls will lamb around the first to middle of May. Though I think Savannah could go earlier.
After this lambing season I really need to decide on what direction I want to move with the sheep. I have 25 sheep right now. I do not want to ever go over 30, actually 20 would be a much better size flock. I never want my animals to become a burden to me and therefore I need to seriously decide that direction I need to go and selling these soon to be lambs has to be a top priority. I am in no way saying I want to get out of Shetlands as I truly love them but I have to learn how to part with them and sell them......I get too attached.
Well, its late and the gerbial wheel is spinning too fast in my mind so I am off to check on the barn and then more milk & cookies before bed.


Christy said...

I'm jealous of all these milk and cookies! I've the milk (damn good milk), but I need some cookies. Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. Naked sheep are cute. And deciding what you actually want to do is hard! I don't even know if I want to raise goats or sheep or something else entirely.

Kara said...

I think 20 is a good number too, that is my goal. I just went from 15 to 35 so we will see how I do in getting back to 20. It is hard!

Rayna said...

So who is the mioget bred to? :D lol I love modified! :D

Anonymous said...

Great pics;)

Susan said...

OH NO Sheep Porn!!! Can't wait to see lamb pix. Hope your enjoying your spring break.

Juliann said...

Hi Kristi,

You should be able to see the hipbones on Shetlands. Also a protruding spine.
Don't forget they are primatives who naturally have a lower body score. Feel over the ribs to check their condition, they should have some flesh over the ribs. That's how you can tell they are in okay condition.

ae1501 said...

I'm glad shearing went well.