Sunday, April 19, 2009

And so Lambing 2009 has begun.......

Well, today was my last day of springbreak vacation and I was going to spend the day grading papers and cleaning up in the house. HOWEVER, that soon fell apart after I finished morning chores. Betsy yesterday was very mellow and laid in the stall most of the day. So I was thinking time was getting close. After I was done with chores, I went inside to eat breakfast and start laundry. About 30 minutes later I heard Sassy having a screaming fit at her babies so I went out to investigate.
And there was Miss Betsy, standing in corner by a stall with 2 new born lambs. No time for shock, I scooped them up and put them in the baby LaManchas stall which already had fresh straw down. Betsy was still cleaning them up so I ran to the house to get some towels to help. She had a moorit/almost dark chocolate in color girl w/smirslet markings and then that awesome white little guy with yuglet eye markings.

Oh, how I have wanted a white lamb!!!!!! He is too cute, though he does have horn buds BUT maybe be will be scurred??!!!

Betsy is being a good mom as always. She is Ag so it will be interesting to see the little guys grow up but I am very excited about both of them:)

So, while I am working with Betsy, I notice Savannah, my mioget ewe, trying to find a comfortable place in the corner of one of the stalls. Yep, she is going to go also I think. So I get her settled in and within 2 hours she gave birth to twin moorit lambs, one ewe and one ram.

The little ram has no noticeable horn buds so I am keeping my fingers crossed....definitely has some really long legs!!
Okay I am really tired right now. I know Polly my kat ewe is going to lamb tonight or tomorrow. She has totally dropped. I put her and 2 other ewes who are very close also in the one large stall tonight. Both of the miniature horses got booted out of their stalls. I am so cramped for space right now and of course it is raining now and will rain all day tomorrow most likely. I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow and all this is going on right now. My anxiety and stress level are a tad high right now. The girls consumed all of my energy today. I just want all the animals safe and comfortable tonight. I worry that everyone is okay. Okay off to check on everyone and then bed.


Deb said...

Congratulations Kristi, those babies are adorable! I love the white lamb with spots - like you, I love them all but I'd really like a little white this year. Maybe my finn ram will help me out :)
Breath deep and don't get stressed out - you do an amazing job and you have some of the best cared for animals - all will be fine.....can't wait to see all your new babies :)
Isn't lambing just the best?!!! It's like christmas, you just never know what your gonna get :)

Tracey said...

Congratulations! You've got a regular maternity ward there. The babies are sooo cute! I love the white one too!
Tracey :)

melanie said...

Relax....they will do just fine. Hope the lesson plans for Monday run themselves, because I know your mind will be elsewhere.

Very nice babies so my black ramling coming soon?

Kara said...

OH CONGRATS! You got your white lamb, and not just white, but a big white spot with yuglet markings!!! Just what you ordered! All the lambs are beautiful.

Bridget said...

What a group of sweet-looking babies!

I got to pet a 12-day old LaMancha goat this past weekend. I nearly died of happiness ...

Christy said...

Beautiful babies! Everyone will be fine. I need to put in a few more stalls, we just have 1 big one and that won't do next year when babies are being born.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!They are so pretty and sweeter than grading papers;)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Congrats on the beautiful babies! At least they started before the absolute END of Spring Break! Another shepherd took a week of vacation for lambing, and of her ewes waited until she had to go back to work. My first ramling had horn buds, one with a palpable point, but nothing much is growing there and now I think the buds are in depressions. Have decided that he and the next two are all half-polls (one MIGHT be a full-poll). The last one got two horn genes, that's for sure!

Angela Rountree said...

Congratulations, all 4 sets of twins are mighty cute!! Also, one of your mioget ewe's babies seems to be a lighter brown than the other one. Is that a trick of the lighting or do you have a mioget lamb, too?

kristi said...

Aren't they so beautiful? They are total lovers too esp. if they are bottle babies! Thanks for stopping by!

I am constantly checking out those horn buds and so praying for just a little scur on one of those spotted guys!! Its driving me crazy!

LOL, no trick lighting. As a matter of fact today the one is definitely looking lighter. That lamb is a ram also. The mom is a mioget that came from Windswept Farms in MI. I guess time will tell....oh, ps. he will be for sale as long everything grows like it should:)