Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday on the Farm

Today was the first official thunderstorm in 2009. Lots of thunder and lightening at about 6:00 was the perfect morning to lay a little while longer in bed on a Saturday morning.
But with all farms and country life comes the morning chores and gosh knows if your not out there by a certain time, the animals will let you know.

The babies wanted to know what we were going to do this morning...this is there new favorite way too play.......jumping across my legs. Its so nice to not to have to rush in the morning and just hang out with them.

Little bit of a water issue in the chicken coop......guess if your a chicken, you were knee deep in water after the storms. I had to create a little drain out of the coop.

And back to the barn and the kids gone wild!! Running in circles, up and over my legs they went!

I found a guy who was selling timothy hay for $3.25 a bale yesterday so I went over there this morning to get a few bales to see if everyone would like it. I am paying $5 a bale for the stuff I am currently getting. It is not the greenest but they ate it right up and of course as long as Moo, the hay cat, likes it, I am good to go.

While I was out this morning, I ran into town and stopped at Walmart. I have been good as I have only been there once since Christmas. I spent $70 but remember this was only my second time there since Christmas. I found some really nice fabric on sale. The green homespun fabric was on clearance for $2.22 a yard so I got 8 yards to make new curtain swags for the living room windows. Then the cute chicken fabric (biggify the pic to get a better look please) was on clearance for $1.00 a yard and the country print next to it was also $1.00 a yard. I thought they would make cute aprons. (hint hint Mom:) Notice how excited ReRun is about my basket of fabrics!!

All in all it was a busy yet relaxing day on a very warm March day as temps hit 68 degrees!!! The dogs stayed out with me as a did bits and pieces of clean-up in the yard, though I did find Dixie taking an afternoon nap!!!!

Even the babies found time to take an afternoon nap.......oh, how quickly they grow on you!
Chicken update: Thank you for all of you who stopped by to offer rooster advice. I have never seen any predators around the yard, though there was a red fox seen a few times last year. The coop is well enclosed so I just keep thinking it was one of the rooster (and the big white one does have feathers on his feet). I wonder if I could put them in the big barn with everyone? Though I do like the 4-H idea also, I could put their pic up at the vet. on the sale board. Such a dilemma.
Better go change those clocks or tomorrow I will be off an hour!!!


melanie said...

With the feathers, it sounds like you have a LIght Brahma. LIttle to no comb? If so, it's probably that. Usually pretty mellow. I like the barn idea as well....

Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
Sorry,I am no help with your chicken troubles :(
Love the playful babies!!
Can't wait to see what you do with the cute fabrics!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hello! I'm Isobelle! Your little baby LaManchas are very cute. Watch out because they grow into big scamps that like to chase beautiful Isobelles! We are going to get some chickums here on our farm soon! Goat kisses from me!

Christy said...

Oh, I need to get to Walmart and get some chicken fabric. I really need an apron! With big pockets.

kristi said...

he was a large now what? He has jumped at me a couple of times though usual he does not. He has just been a punk with the girls. I am going to try the big barn then go from there:)

So when are you putting that farm dream in motion:)?

I am so glad you can to visit. I tried to leave you a comment at your place but was not able to. Do I have to sign in? I loved all the pictures!! Life as a goat is such an interesting adventure!

you know I would love to find a pattern with goats too but have never found one!!