Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Chores on the Homestead

I always enjoy the beginning of spring because then I know what havoc the winter created on the little homestead. My barn lost quite a few shingles along the back due to some serious high wind issues. I had to call in the FWB to give me a hand with it and because he is such a "sweetheart" he came over to help me out.
Of course, it is a total muddy mess out in the barn area but we had a lot of rain last weekend and the roof was really leaking so this had to get done ASAP.

He had to replace at least 15 shingles on the roof.......he would kick my A*@ if he knew I posted these pics of him but oh heck, we're divorced anyways. Actually I am very thankful that he helped out today:)

Of course, it is always good to have back-up reinforcements when tackling barn work.

My niece Gracie came over today too. She was very excited to see the new PINK boots I bought her......its her favorite color too!!

And this is what little girls do when they wear their new PINK boots.

And nephew Bobby was very excited because he got to see the new baby goats......he also collected 10 eggs today!! He was hoping to see Sassy have her babies but no luck again.
Maybe tomorrow Sassy will have her babies.........


Deb said...

There are always plenty of projects when spring emerges aren't they? FWB's are great to have around :) Great job getting that roof fixed.

You have the cutest farm :)

Hope you have a great sunday (babies would be nice!)

Nancy K. said...

I love the goat and pony holding the ladder for your Ex ~ He BETTER be nice!