Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Road Trip to MI that gets me in TROUBLE!!

So, the plan was to drive up to Wayland, Michigan and get a 4 week old LaMancha buck on Saturday in Michigan, a 4 1/2 hour drive, one way. Plans were going very well. I left my house at 7:15 am Saturday morning to pick-up my Dad who was going with me. Dad and I have drove this route one too many times. Let's see, we have been to Heather's place at Windswept Acres, we have been to Stephen Rouse's house at Sheltering Pines, and I have been to the Michigan Fiber Fest were I have met Juliann from 'Lil Country Acres to pick up lambs, and I have been to Tammy Tullar's place at Autumn Acres were I was heading again. Now mind you, all of these people just so happen to live within 20-30 minutes of each other......go figure and how convenient for me.

Over all the weather was good, for the most part it was sunny though a tad got pretty windy on the way home though we never hit rain or snow.

Now this is Dad who is my driving partner. Usually Dad has a few words to say about me buying animals; however on this trip he appeared to be more in agreement which resulted in me getting into trouble. Perhaps he was in agreement because he does not want to drive to Michigan again, perhaps he has just given up hope that I will come to my senses on this hobby farming business that is going to make me millions of dollars. Let me show you what I went for, and what I ended up coming home with.

This is my new LaMancha buck from Autumn Acres LaMancha Goats. He is going to be my foundation buck for all of my LaMancha girls. He comes out of some outstanding lines! Look at that beautiful top long!!!

He is ridiculously friendly as he is a bottle baby! I am very pleased with him and can't wait to see what he produces when bred to my girls....4 girls will be bred this fall to this handsome guy!!
Now he is what I went up to get......end of story. HOWEVER, it just so happens that Tammy was in full kidding motion when I got to her place and there was lots of babies and right next to this little guys pen was HER!!

Are you kidding me????

Color, markings, a 3 week old doe, beautiful, not from the same lines as the little buck I was getting but great lines none-the-less......can you see the wheels turning in my warped mind? I turn to Dad for advice.........nothing. He just shakes his head. I tell him if I get her too then I won't have to come back to Michigan. Dad just laughs, like that will really happen.

I tell Tammy I want her you see how this is Dad's fault? I am a 41 year old single hobby farm woman seeking my Dad's advice and I get nothing!! Just when I thought I could count on him the most, he lets me down:) But I am too excited to have such 2 wonderful babies now to add to my LaManchas. I think this will be the beginning of some wonderful breeding next year. Tammy sent me home with lots of frozen pasteurized goat milk and some that I needed to pasteurize which I did last night and this morning. Both babies are bottle babies so I will be bottling feeding now for a good month plus.
I got home last night around 7 pm and finally got settled around 9 pm once I fed and got the babies situated. Long day but I think well worth it.
Today is laundry, cleaning, napping, little eating kinda day..........and playing with all the baby LaManchas of course:)


Rayna said...

But...but...but...GOPHER EARS! :( Lol, I'm partial to Elf ears myself...they're so damn cute! But regardless of ear type, congrats on your new babies. I can definately see why you couldn't pass that little girl up!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Here I thought you were going to end up with a truck-load of goats AND sheep. Just two little kids? That's ALL? Shoot, that's hardly worth commenting on! ha

That buck is STUNNING. The doe has stricking color, but doesn't seem to have the presence or conformation of the buck. But what do I know about dairy goats???

Susan said...

OH Kristi they are just do darn cute. I am definitly going to have to come visit when the weather cooperates.

Anonymous said...

He's a beautiful buck,gorgeous!!I love the markings on the little doe.Too cute and congrats!

Juliann said...

Beautiful little goats!
Kristi I've done that a million times, go shopping for one sheep, come home with 4-5. And a few times, I DID come home with a trailer full!
Some women collect shoes. How dull, lol!
Congrats on your new babies! :)

Nancy K. said...

I know absolutely nothing about lamancha conformation but the presence of that buckling is commanding! I suspect that beautifully marked doeling is just as nice ~ she's just not posing for her photo! Congratulations on two amazing additions to your lamancha herd! What will you DO with your lamancha's??? Do you plan on milking or will you be raising breeding stock?

Nancy K. said...

P.S. Do you realize how absolutely blessed you are to still have your parents to share your dreams with you?


kristi said...

Yes, I am in love with LaManchas even if they have the gopher ears:)

because Dad does read this blog I can't tell you how much money has just been invested in just those 2 little goats. The doe is beautiful also, the picture does not do her confirmation justice.

Dixie said you better come over with her sister come the better weather:)

thank you for the compliments and for stopping by!!

but I do collect shoes too because I worked in retail, shoe sales to be exact, for over 15 years!! Thanks for stopping by:)

establishing a nice line of LaManchas is in the works and I am getting better at the milking stuff:) My parents are truly a blessing to have...they are my best friends:)

Claire said...

Two goats? That's all? I'm with could have done better than that!

They're beautiful though, so I guess that makes up for the small numbers.

Congrats on your new additions!