Monday, March 2, 2009

Its Gonna be a Long March

March was 12 degrees this morning.......windchill put temps at -8.
The weatherman said this morning that March of last year was the snowiest March on record.
Seriously, where do these guys get their college degrees?
It was really cold doing morning chores, perhaps it feels more cold because I am just sick and tired of it. I am tired of dressing like an Umpa Lumpa (though I still love those pink coveralls).
My cats are driving me nuts, they all need to get outside as pissy cat wars have been sparking on a daily basis, and they are seriously thinking I have to share every human meal with them.
With my "SPRING" sign in hand I went searching as no meteorologist is going to snow on my they have goats ready to kid in the next week or so?? Have they ever sat in a barn under a 250 watt heat lamb at a week old while the wind is blowing and snow flurries are flying?
And there in my front flower bed I found hope........

Not a 250 watt heat bulb but a real flower bulb, probably freezing its a#* off but its just as determined as I am that spring is coming.

And then there is Ira, one of the black Cotswold wethers. Even if you enlarge the pic, you cannot find his eyes in there. His wool is soooo thick. What a goof......I am thinking he is not feeling the windchill like I am. Boy, the shearer is going to have fun with him and his brother Ethan.
Okay, enough said tonight. March is like the longest month of school.......its a good month to get sick..........last check I had 168.5 days in which I can get "sick"..........cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze.


Nancy K. said...

I checked my 'accrued time off' while at work last night: I have 44 minutes of vacation time and 37 minutes of sick time coming!

I'm thinking I could an hour off!!


Spring WILL come and then we'll be so busy we won't have time to breath!

Claire said...

I love your spring sign with the rabbits - that's so cute! I can't see any flower bulbs yet here, but I'll keep hoping for soon!

ae1501 said...

ok, I did enlarge the pictures and DID find Ira's eyes! Funny how you checked your sick day balance hmmmmmm methinks I won't have a late-buddy in the parking lot soon.