Monday, March 23, 2009

"Egg-citing" News!!

This was a very "egg-citing" weekend! Why? Well, of course I will tell you!
The chickens are like little egg machines right now and I am just so impressed with them!
Now keep in mind that this is my first spring with the girls as last year they arrived in a little box at the end of April so I am more excited than the average "chicken farmer".

How can one not get excited over a basket of beautiful eggs like this? On Sunday, the girls gave me 16 EGGS!!! That is an all-time record at Harvest Thyme! I have 25 girls in production right now. So in 3 days I have collected 38 eggs and including the 12 I got today.......well 11 because I dropped one and Dixie got it. She always waits patiently at the chicken door waiting for a freebie and today was her lucky day.

I wish I could post Sassy's babies but she prefers to just hang out, getting bigger so I will post the LaMancha babies.....again:) On Sunday I let them run around in the yard as I was cleaning up in the raised garden beds. They are quite curious about the cats and they give Alvin quite the "look".

I am quite pleased in the way they are turning out! I can't believe how quickly they have grown in a month and their little personalities are starting to show.....
.......don't forget that little guy is "For Sale"!!!

So, other than that the other most exciting thing that has happened is I bought 4 new tires for my Town & Country mini-van......well I did get 77,000 miles out of the original tires so I can't complain too much but tires are so boring I would much prefer something fun in the garden like more pink gardening tools:)


Tracey said...

Wow...You are definitely in the "egg business"!!
The babies are cute and growing so fast!!

Kara said...

Wow that is a lot of eggs! Those babies are growing fast, they look great!

Nancy K. said...

Your basket of eggs is beautiful. I hope you have a good 'market' for them!

I can't believe how mature your lamancha babies look! The are very elegant looking. So pretty!

I also find the brown/gray dreariness of early Spring rather blah, but am happy to see a note of green in my back yard and unused pasture this morning!

Christy said...

Do you milk the La Manchas? I'm thinking about maybe getting one next year. The Nigerian Dwarf just isn't worth the trouble of milking for the amount of milk I get from her.

kristi said...

you need to make the switch to farm eggs!! Wish you lived closer:)

Are your girls back in production? I love my babies:)

I am the official egg pusher at my I tell everyone, I know what car you drive if you don't buy! LOL I know the LaManchas are different because of the "no" ears but I just love them!

There is a HUGE difference in milking a LaMancha vs. a Nigerian. LaManchas are true dairy goats. I think LaManchas have the best personlities, though they do get themselves into trouble because they are so curious and in your face. I would highly recommend getting one!!