Sunday, March 8, 2009

And so it rained a lot today

Okay, so today we got a little bit of rain.......okay so it was a lot of rain.
There is a small creek that runs down the south side of my property line along the trees before it snakes soley onto my neighbors property.

In the picture above that small creek is always to the left of that large there was so much water rushing down from the street that there were 2 creeks.

And then the creek got even wider.......thankgoodness neither my house or barns are near it.
My pasture, however, does not look all that great muck mess.

And this corner fence is actually on my neighbors property, though its only about five feet from the property line. What a mess!!!

Miss Verna was snug in the barn, oblivious to all that was going on outside and was just happy to play and hang out on my arm.........I am so in love with her:)
Now I am thinking that Sassy has to have her babies this week.............


Nancy K. said...

I'm glad that you and yours are all snug and dry!


and I got my TAXES DONE!!

Tracey said...

Goodness...that does look yucky!!!
Hope the weather improves....until it does you should just stay in and cuddle with the babies!