Monday, February 23, 2009

The Twins First 24 Hrs.

The first 24 hours of having babies always stresses me out.....and of course when its only in the high teens for overnight temps that just adds to everything. But Patty is being so good with them so the twins were fine this morning and of course I rushed home from school today and they were fine too:)

There are still nosey animals in the barn just wanting to check out the big do'ings in the stall. The little girl was attempting to check things out too.

So I am thinking of a name for her. I can't do the George & Martha theme (they were born on Washington's B-Day) because my Cotswold ewe is "Martha" and my first Black Cotswold was named "George". I was thinking of calling her "Verna" olde-fashion name but it goes with Mount Vernon, Washington's home and it was my Grandmother's name. I still am thinking however. Now the little boy..........

.......he is such a little cutie. He will need to find a perfect home with someone who will love him because I do not need another little boy. Its hard to get a good pic. of his coloring, he is creme with darker taupe colored legs. It will be fun to see how he colors up. I noticed today that the one side of Patty's udder was getting very full as the babies were nursing on the right side as the left nipple was much larger. I decided to strip out some milk to avoid any mastitis from developing. Now of course, her and I had to get organized but she did really, really good for me and I am sure it relieved a lot of pressure. She only stepped in the bowl in the beginning and I lost some milk but I was able to get a full cup and half of milk, probably two cups if she had not stepped down and if I was more organized.

I swear the cats knew I was coming when I got back to the house and nearly grabbed the milk from my hands. Linus was the first to sample the fresh warm milk.........

.......and then Moo cat had to get his licks in. I am so glad I can provide something from the farm for them. Perhaps I should have scrambled them some eggs too.
I noticed that Sassy, my Nigerian Dwarf goat who I thought was going to have babies first, is finally starting to show a nice size udder. Maybe this week she will have her babies.......maybe this week I will have to take a sick day.....cough, cough ;)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

My 97-year-old paternal grandma's name is Verna, too, so I vote for that! You could call the boy Edward, since that was the name of Verna's husband. (He died at 103, so maybe the name is lucky!)

Juliann said...

OMG I don't think I've seen a more adorable picture than that little fellow under the light. What a cute little pug face!

Tammy said...

So glad things are going great with your first babies of the season! They are very cute, and it's always a relief when everything is 'normal'. How about Monty for the boy? Then they could be Monty Verna. ;-)

Rayna said...

I love elf ears! hehehe..manchas are soooo cute :)

Christy said...

I wish I could get that little boy from you! He is adorable.

Tracey said...

The babies are sooooo sweet!! and more to come soon, you are gonna be busy!! (and having fun at it)
Wish I had a place and I could get the boy from you.....someday...!!

Heather said...

Wow, are they as soft as they look? Do baby goats like to snuggle like baby lambs? I just need to touch one! I'll take your boy - can you mail him to Canada?

ae1501 said...

Congrats on the newest additions. I'm surprised I didn't see the birth announcement on the board!

kristi said...

I think its gonna be Verna, just doing a little more thinking:)

Thanks for stopping by! They are such cuties, even w/out the ears:)

I was thinking that if someone bught him they could name him but I guess time will tell, I dated a Monty once....long, long, long time ago:)

I love Manchas personalities!! So which one of us is getting the mini-jersey first!!??

I can't wait to see your first official goat post!! Are you still thinking Nigerians?

Gotta start that hobby farm soon!!!

They are so soft!! The little boy likes to be held but the girl is a a fusser though she is getting better;)

I have been busy...trying to get to work on time is hard enough...give me time!!!!:)