Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Farm Photos

A very light snow fell last night. I'll call it tolerable snow because its February. I am not in the mood anymore for intolerable snowfall. What I am ready for is spring and dry ground.

I want my garden decorations surrounded by flowers, not covered in snow.

Everyone enjoying the morning meal as I remind them to eat every blade of hay......times are lean, hay is expensive, and we need not be wasteful:)

I finally got a snapshot of Lil' Benjamin and his mom, both are Black Cotswolds. I had Benjamin wethered as the market for rams is slim and I refused to take him to auction. He would make an EXCELLENT fiber pet.......HINT, HINT. He is really becoming a little sweetie at 8 mos. old.

And then there is little Josiah who likes to wear hay as an accent on his wool. He has finally come around to realizing that chin and chest rubs are a good thing and he does not have to head butt my hand every time I reach out to touch him. I still am in love with his coloring.......

What a face!! I think he knows he is a cutie.......don't you?
Tomorrow is President's extra day off for complaints from me!
Plenty of stuff to do at home:)


Claire said...

Wish I had the day off! I'd spend all day playing with your Cotswolds! How cute! Wish you lived closer!

Tracey said...

Have a great day off Kristi!!

Nancy K. said...

Josiah looks like a spotted gulmoget! Where did he come from?

Those Cotswolds are adorable...maybe someday...

Bridget said...

Oh what a bunch of sweethearts! I wish I could pet them all.

Alas, I live in the city, so my "fiber" pets must remain my shedding cats ...

ae1501 said...

The pics are great (took me 2 tries to get them loaded!) As far as Friday, I had geriatric duty and decided i just needed to be away from You Know Who! Were there many people? Did you find it useful?

kristi said...

My door is always open for visitors:) Ohio to Iowa....yep lots of miles in between:)

I will be enjoying!

Josiah is one of ram lambs born here. Lil'Country Acres Jedidiah (gulmoget) to one of my black smirslet ewes. Josiah is scurred too. I did a repeat breeding so I'll hope for the best:)

and so the world of blogging brings the country to you:)

"SHE" was very inspirational as always....I did however get an "excellent" evaluation last week:)The whole 7th grade team was not there....surprise, surprise.

Corinne R. said...

What a face on Josiah, cute, cute!

Rayna said...

Cute! Josiah looks just like my Forsetti! :)

Garrett808 said...

i'll trade you the cotswold wether and that gulmoget ram lamb for two miniature horses and some ducks? :)