Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our One Week B-Day is Sunday!!

Peek-a-poo I see you said the baby LaManchas
tomorrow we will be one week old......yippee!!!!

The last baby post I did not have a picture of the little boy so today I got 2 nice photos.......

........handsome little guy isn't he?

He might just make someone a nice LaMancha buck........time will tell.
Today I have been a vegetable waiting to sprout......I cooked some, ate some, washed clothes, ate some, read some, watched a lot of the movies on the Hallmark channel, played with the babies, barn chores, ate some more because I made chocolate chip cookies again,.....I love those things. Okay, tomorrow I have to grade papers!!!
But maybe Sassy will have her babies.........


Tracey said...

He sure is handsome :)

Nancy K. said...

I see they're still sticking close to the heat lamp. You're taking such good care of your little ones. Can't wait to see what Sassy has!

kristi said...

thank know this is your year to become a hobby farmer!!

the heat lamps are a blessing....w/the wind chill this morning its only 10 degrees. Even Patty the mom won't come out because its the warmest place in the barn:)

Christy said...

The are cute! I'm glad they are doing well.

Susan said...

Thank heavens my pasture isn't fenced for goats. He's so darn cute. I really need to stop checkout you and your friends blogs you know.